EyeTV Mobile – Watch Live TV on your iDevice without Internet connection

eyetv-mobileThanks to the countless possibilities that iPhone and iPad offer, we can enjoy the best entertainment no matter we are. Watching online content has never been easier with a large selection of streaming services that work with iDevices. The problem is that they require an internet connection to work and if Wi-Fi is not available or you do not have a data plan, you would not be able to access any content. However, there is another way to enjoy series, sports and news broadcasting and that is watching TV on your iPad/iPhone with the help of EyeTV Mobile.


This practical device from Elgato offers the possibility of watching live TV on your Apple device without an internet connection. EyeTV works with tuner technology that captures TV signals, so you will be able to watch your favourite shows with top quality even if you are not online. With EyeTV, you will not need to wait for the content to load as the compact TV tuner receives TV airwaves using a miniature telescopic antenna in combination with the free EyeTV app. Here is how Elgato’s EyeTV can make TV available on your iPhone/iPad and the features it offers .

How does it work

EyeTV is easy to use and to set up. It combines the $99.95 USD EyeTV device (mobile TV tuner) and the app, which can be downloaded for free. The EyeTV mobile TV tuner is a small device that can be carried anywhere. While it was originally designed with a 30-pin Apple dock connector, the new version uses Lightning connector, making it compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPod and iPad. To start watching live TV, simply connect the EyeTV mobile TV tuner to your iPhone or iPad, launch the app and choose a channel. EyeTV brings over-the-air TV signals to your iDevice.

The first time you use EyeTV, you will be asked to enter information about your location and the app will then scan for channels in your area. EyeTV Mobile can be used in Australia, Austria, France, Japan, UK, Italy or any country where standard definition MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264 video is broadcasted. Keep in mind that HD channels are not supported, but still the quality of the image is quite good.


The EyeTV package includes a practical miniature telescopic antenna to use on the go and a rod antenna with magnetic base and detachable suction cup, which is ideal for areas where reception is poor. There is also a Micro USB cable to charge the EyeTV’s battery. The EyeTV Mobile app offers three menu options: Guide, Live TV and Settings. The information shown in the first two options varies between iPhones and iPads, as the latter displays hourly programming where available.

You can organize channels using Settings, as well as searching more channels, changing your location, controlling audio and checking the battery life. It is also possible to pause live TV and the record function allows you to watch a show later. You can transfer the shows you recorded to your Mac or PC using iTunes or watch them on your TV screen with the help of AirPlay. EyeTV also has social features that allow you to share TV recommendations with friends and family via Twitter or email.


There is an incredible potential in systems like EyeTV Mobile and while the technology is still on its first stages, it offers a convenient and exciting solution to watch TV anywhere you are. The coverage needs to be extended to ensure that users can access a wider range of channels, but in the meantime TV fanatics that wish to enjoy sports, news and shows on the go, even if an internet connection is not available, will find a practical (although pricey) option with EyeTV.

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