What Could be Expected of the Upcoming Galaxy S5 Mini

There are already compact models of Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 so it is no surprise that the S5 is the next device to get a miniature version. According to the previews posted online and some images leaked  (even on Samsung’s UK website), the new small size smartphone to be launched by Samsung is inspired in their latest core product and could be called Galaxy S5 Dx.

The mini smartphone would be available in striking orange and lime, as well as in white, blue and silver, just as the standard size device. Judging by the leaked images, the S5 Dx looks exactly as the original S5, except that the miniature version does not seem to include the heart rate monitor. Since it’s appearance in the market, the current Galaxy S5 has become one of the most popular android smartphones, thanks to its stylish design, high quality display, durability, powerful performance, long-lasting battery life and impressive camera performance. That explains why the new compact version of this device has generated so much expectative.

Even though there are many speculations and not enough clarity about the possible additional options or unique features that the new version of Galaxy S5 could include, it should be expected that in order to reduce the cost and offer a more affordable price in this model, Samsung would have to give up some of the core features offered by the original device. Probably the high quality of the display could be impacted and the camera would not be as strong as the one sported by the standard version. Still, the S5 Dx could maintain the resistant design and the long battery life.

The most recent reports indicate that the Galaxy S5 mini could use a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED and have a 720p resolution display, as well as a Qualcomm processor, with 1.5 GB of RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat. Some even indicate that it could be water-proof just like the current Galaxy S5 model. The launch date for the Galaxy S5 Dx (which could change its name in the meantime) is not yet know.

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