What could be expected from Amazon’s smartphone

Rumours of Amazon launching a smartphone are growing stronger. Some are even predicting that they will make the announcement in June and that the device will hit the stores at the end of the summer. The smartphone is meant to be inspired in the hugely successful Kindle-Fire and as the year progresses, more information about the features and design is appearing across internet. While Amazon has not officially confirmed or denied their intention of making their entrance in the smartphone industry, there have been several reports and even leaked images of the device that they have been working on. Even though the name has been kept secret, it is very likely that Amazon would stick to their Kindle brand or use a reference to Fire for their smartphones.


In terms of appearance, some of the images that had been made available online show that the device is protected by a black case and will have three buttons on the side and one on the top which probably is the power switch. The smartphone would have a size of less than 5 inches and a 720p display. According to some sources, it will work with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. It will use a version of the Fire OS used in Kindle. There are others things that we can expect from Amazon’s smartphone, based on what has come out to light over the past few months:


3D effect

It seems like Amazon is looking to revolutionize the smartphone experience, particularly when it comes to online shopping. The device is set to have a 3D screen that would create a holographic effect (we cannot help but to think about Star Wars) without the need of glasses. In order to achieve this effect, the phone would count with four integrated low-potency infrared face-tracking cameras. There is a camera in each corner of the phone which would track the position of your eyes in relation to the screen. With this, the camera would be able to adapt the layout of the content of the page to give a 3D effect.



The impression of 3D will be available in many aspects of the phone, including wallpapers and apps icons. The sources have also indicated that the maps app will change with the phone’s movements. When shopping in Amazon, users will be able to get a full three-dimensional image of each product.  On top of that, the smartphone could have 13 megapixel front and rear shooters and a software that would identify items in your photos and look for them in Amazon to make your shopping experience simple and fast.  In order to offer a more complete experience, Amazon is said to have partnered with external developers to create content and apps compatible with the 3D feature.


Don’t touch, tilt

Apart from changing the way users see things, Amazon seems to be willing to change the way they use they access features in their smartphone. Instead of menu buttons, you would need to tilt the phone to the left or right in order to access a panel of options. This would be possible thanks to the same infrared cameras and sensors used to create the impression of 3D. This means that Amazon may be ditching touchscreens, offering a new experience for users, who would just need to move the phone around in order to access apps. This could really make Amazon’s smartphone stand out from the competition.


Two versions

Finally, most reports mention that there would be two versions of the device. One may be a luxury device that would include all the features and that could be launched first, while the second would be targeted to a wider audience at a more affordable price. Little is known about the exact differences between the two models but it is expected that they both include the MayDay tech support feature.

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