eHarmony Review

They say that before you come across your princess or prince, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs. While this is true in many cases, you can save some time and hassle with eHarmony, an online dating service that is dedicated to help you find the right match. Love may feel like magic, but it doesn’t happen by chance. Instead of waiting for someone who sweeps you off your feet, you can rely on eHarmony’s experienced and successful approach to find a loving, committed relationship. Online dating has become very popular and it is not strange to find many happy couples who have met through these services. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2009, about 5% of married couples in the United States met through eHarmony.

What makes eHarmony unique is the compatibility matching system, which establishes 29 Dimensions of Compatibility that can guarantee healthy, happy relationships. The system was created by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist and eHarmony’s founder who after years of experience counselling married couples, identified the areas that can determine the success of a relationship. If you are serious about finding love and you want to find the right person for you, eHarmony can be the best option. The website is aimed at men and women who want a long-term, committed relationship. They have an impressive track record of bringing people together to create solid connections. Here we will find out more about eHarmony.

Getting started
When you sign up to eHarmony, you will be asked to complete a Relationship Questionnaire. This is designed to find out more about your personality and what you are looking for in a relationship. The questionnaire is extensive, but it is a good way to get to know yourself and to understand what are the core values that you need to share with a partner. It is important to answer the questions honestly to make the most out of eHarmony’s matching system.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, eHarmony will use its 29 Dimensions of Compatibility system to find matches based on your preferences. The system makes connections taking into consideration crucial aspects that can ensure compatibility. Unlike other online dating services, eHarmony doesn’t allow you to randomly search for members. You will only be able to see your matches, but you don’t need to pay to get a list of possible partners. This means that before setting up a subscription, you can check how accurate the matching system is. However, you will need to choose a paid membership to get in touch with them or see photos.

Although you are not able to search for other members and will have to rely on the list of matches that the website selects for you, the eHarmony membership base is extensive and varied, which increases your chances of finding the one. Millions of people from across the world use eHarmony and the system will present you a list of matches from its community of members. Keep in mind that eHarmony only caters for heterosexual singles and gay users are redirected to Compatible Partners, eHarmony’s companion website.

There are different types of plans so you can choose the membership that better suits you. The features available are divided in Basic, TotalConnect and Premier. You can subscribe for one month, three, six months, or a full year. The longer your subscription is, the more you can save on the total monthly price. You are charged up front for the cost of the plan you select, but eHarmony also gives you the option to pay in 3 instalments in certain membership plans. The Basic plan starts at $59.99 per month, three months cost $89.85, the price for six months is $179.40 and for 12 months, you would pay $239.40.

The Basic plan allows you to contact your matches and view their photos, but the TotalConnect plan is a better deal as it offers advanced communication options and a precise personality analysis. You can talk to your matches on the phone without revealing your number using the SecureCall feature. RelyID is another useful function that verifies your information (name, age and location), to let your matches know that you are not providing fake details. Prices for the TotalConnect plan start at $134.85 for three months, $203.70 for six and $287.40 for one year.

The Premier plan is the most expensive option ($503.40 per year), but it covers you with a guarantee that establishes that if you don’t find the right match, your membership will be extended for an additional year. With the Premier plan, all your matches will be able to reply to you and see your profile. You also get SecureCall, RelyID for you and for up to three matches, which means that if you are interested in someone, you will be able to find out if they are being honest. The Premier membership also allows you to get dedicated support via email, chat and phone.

Another Premium service available is eH+, an option that combines eHarmony’s proven compatibility system with a personalized matchmaking service. The service is discreet and mainly works offline as your eH+ Matchmaker will contact you by phone to discuss your expectations and to help you find the most compatible matches.

Connecting with your matches
The service guides you through different stages of communication so you can establish effective connections with your potential partner. If you are interested in one of your matches, you can break the ice with an eHarmony smile or a short message. To start getting to know each other, you can choose from a list of questions to send to your match after reviewing their profile. Their answers will help you to determine if you really stand a good chance. The next stage is to discuss your priorities, what you are looking for and what you dislike.

The final step will enable you to learn more about each other’s values as you will have to answer three open ended questions. If after completing the guided communication, you feel that there is a good connection, you can stay in contact using eHarmony’s secure email system. Although some people may feel that the guided communication makes things less natural and restrictive, the method is based on extensive research and it has offered good results in a large number of cases.

Additional features
eHarmony gives you access to a wide selection of useful information to make your online dating experience more pleasant. Apart from offering dating advice, eHarmony also shares safety tips that help you to avoid any possible dangers or bad experiences. If you don’t want to stay in contact with a match, you can choose to close it, which will remove your profile from their list so they would not be able to communicate with you. For additional security, you can choose which members can see your personality test results. The fact that eHarmony only allows contact with matches makes managing your privacy easier.

Customer Support
The website is dynamic and includes a great deal of information, including a comprehensive Help Center. You can also contact them by email any time and any day, and generally they take only a couple of hours to reply. The support team is professional and polite, showing great commitment to help customers. Premium members also get assistance by phone and live chat.

eHarmony is not for everyone. Some people may find that the communication options are limited and contrived, but for others it may be the best way to avoid wasting time with someone that doesn’t share their values. While eHarmony uses your personality test to find suitable matches, it would be good to have the option of applying additional filters to get more accurate results. It is also worth mentioning that eHarmony regularly runs special offers, allowing users to contact matches for free for a few days. This allows you to get a better idea of how the service works before you pay for a membership.

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