An easy guide to Jailbreaking

Those who wish to monitor an iPhone have probably heard about jailbreaking since in most cases, this process is a key requirement to install spy software. Jailbreaking an iPhone is free, legal and it does more than just allowing the installation of spy software. It expands the possibilities of the device by giving you the option of using software that is not available in the App Store.

There are many guides on internet that aim to help users to jailbreak their iDevices. However, many of them seem to be exclusively designed for people who have strong technical skills as they use complex language and steps. Our guide is intended for any user who wishes to jailbreak an iPhone without any hassle. While you need to be careful and follow the instructions, you don’t need to be an expert to jailbreak your device. We hope that the below helps you to understand better what jailbreak can do for your iPhone and how you can do it.

What is Jailbreaking?
The iPhone and the rest of iDevices are only meant to work with applications and software provided by Apple, meaning that users are limited to the options that the company makes available. This gives Apple significant control over the market, increasing its profits. However, when there is a will there is a way and users with advanced skills were eventually able to modify the operating system in order to run third-party software. This is what jailbreaking offers and the term refers to the fact that it frees the iPhone from factory restrictions, allowing users to get services and apps from other sources.

Jailbreaking an iDevice will add flexibility and provide access to options that are normally restricted for Apple users. There are two different types of Jailbreaking: tethered and un-tethered. The first option would require you to connect the iPhone to your computer and jailbreak it again in case you have to re-boot it. An un-tethered solution is more practical since it allows you to re-boot your iPhone whenever it is required, without affecting the jailbreak.

Bear in mind that jailbreaking an iPhone is not the same as unlocking it. The latter only refers to freeing the device for use on a different mobile provider or GSM carrier. Unlocking your phone means that you can use it with any service and you can even change the SIM card while you are abroad to avoid roaming charges. .

What are the benefits of Jailbreaking an iPhone?
Jailbreaking will give you access to a wide range of applications, that you would not be able to use if your iPhone was working with its regular settings. You can still use Apple software and apps from the official store, but you will have the freedom to get third-party software. Jailbreaking lets you to customize your iPhone experience according to your needs.

How to recognize a jailbroken iPhone
The easiest way to tell if an iPhone has already been jailbroken is looking at the apps menu. When you jailbreak an iPhone, you need to get an application that allows you to install software and apps from sources different to the App store. If you find Cydia, Icy or Installer App on your iPhone, it means that it has been jailbroken.
However, hiding the icons for this apps is also possible using solutions like SBSettings (available from Cydia) and POOF. Another indicator would be coming across apps that are not found in the App Store. You can also go to and check if you are given the option to jailbreak or if it tells you that it has already been done.

Jailbreaking Downsides
Many users are concerned about jailbreaking their iPhone because they fear that it will automatically void their warranty. However, it is possible to reverse a jailbreak and restore the device to its original settings, meaning that if you bring it to an official store for repair at some point, you should have no issues.

Another thing that worries users who are considering jailbreaking is that it could make their iPhone more vulnerable to viruses and malware. While it is true that you would be more exposed to potential risks, as long as you are careful with what you download and only get software from trusted sources, you should be ok.

A simple method to jailbreak your iPhone
Now that you have a better understanding of what jailbreaking does, you can decide if you want to go ahead with the process.There are many websites charging for jailbreaking services, but you can do it for free and following a few steps. Keep in mind that the method below may not work for the most recent firmware, but it is regularly updated and it still is the easiest way to jailbreak an iDevice.

1. Before jailbreaking, you must do a full backup of your iPhone. You can save the data to your computer or a memory stick. This is very important because in case something goes wrong, you will not lose your information and will be able to restore it at any time. It is possible to backup and restore using iTunes by simply connecting your iPhone, going to Devices and then iPhone backup. If you change your mind or have any issues, you can reverse the jailbreak by resetting the device to factory settings and then restore your backup via iTunes. This will get your iPhone back to its original state.

2. After backing up, all you need to do is to visit from your iPhone. If the device is compatible with the software, the jailbreak process will start automatically and you only need to follow the instructions.

3. The Jailbreak will be completed within a few minutes and the Cydia icon will be added to your home screen. Cydia is the alternative App Store where you can get a wide range of apps and features to personalize your iPhone.

As previously mentioned, the above is the easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone, but in case the software available in is not compatible with the operating system in your device, you can opt for other solutions. Although you will need to download software manually to your computer and then run it on your iPhone, the process is still quite simple. There are different options like Pangu and evasi0n and once you find the version compatible with your iOS, device and PC, all you need to do is to download the software and follow the instructions.

As you can see, Jailbreaking is not as complicated as many users think and it can be reversed when needed. Bear in mind that Apple is regularly releasing iOS updates and if you upgrade the firmware on the device, the Jalbreak will be removed. It may take a while before a jailbreak compatible with the new iOS is available so if you are happy with the flexibility it offers, it is advisable to wait until jailbreak experts release a hack that you can use with the latest firmware.

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