EasilyDo – A Smart And Convenient Personal Assistant

There may be so much going on in your life that you may feel overwhelmed at times, but with the help of technology you can make things easier. EasilyDo is an app designed to act as a personal assistant that takes care of a wide range of tasks, enabling you to get through the day seamlessly. EasilyDo aims to offer a simple and effective way to organize and to stay up to date with your daily commitments. The app created by EasilyDo Inc, has been recognized for its convenience and great performance that make it one of the best solutions to coordinate your activities without any hassle. It does not matter if you have used other personal assistant apps or if EasilyDo is the first one you try, you will be impressed with the options it offers. Here is what makes EasilyDo so special.

A truly smart personal assistant
EasilyDo stands out thanks to remarkable features that will allow you to enjoy more spare time while the app works for you. There is an extensive selection of functions available and many of them will let you complete everyday tasks automatically. With EasilyDo you can:

  • Check local weather instantly and get bad weather notifications
  • Get notified when you need to leave home in order to be on time for work or an appointment, along with details about driving/commuting and parking times. You will also be able to get directions to make it to your destination
  • Enjoy a hassle-free trip, thanks to flight status updates, access to confirmations for hotels, car rentals and events
  • Set reminders to pay your bills and track packages
  • Get alerts when you receive emails from specific people or with certain keywords
  • Set automatic texts to be sent when you leave a determined location
  • Schedule personalized birthday cards to be sent via email of Facebook
  • Get notified about local events and relevant updates from your friends in Facebook and other social media sites

The above are only some of the features that EasilyDo offer and as you can see, it aims to cover many different areas. It is not only an app to organize work related tasks but it can also help you to book cinema tickets or stay in touch with your friends and family. It lets you manage your social media profiles and stay updated with what goes on where you live. All you need to do is to set up the reminders and discover how EasilyDo can help you to stay on top of things. It is not hard to see why many users trust in EasilyDo as a tool to increase productivity and to reduce stress.

EasilyDo works with iOS 6.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download EasilyDo from the App Store and enjoy many of its features for free. Alternatively, you can upgrade for a yearly subscription of $49.99 (or $4.99 per month) to get access to all the functions this app can offer. The Premium functions include storing a backup of all the contacts saved in your device, adding up to five “Important Email ” alerts and dedicated support for any queries. EasilyD is a multifunctional app that will help you to keep all your tasks organized, making sure they are completed and leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

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