Dragon Touch MID7134B Tablet Review

Tablets are quickly becoming a must-have item and thanks to Android, more conveniently priced devices are appearing in the market. Android is an open source mobile operating system, which means that it can used freely by tablet manufacturers. Nowadays, there is a wide range of android tablets available in the market and the fact that there so many options available, has resulted in lower prices for these devices. Android tablets are more affordable and easier to use than ever before and anyone can enjoy the benefits of owning one. If you are looking for a tablet that is cheap, functional and convenient, one of the options that you can get is the Dragon Touch MID7134B. The Dragon Touch MUD7134B is a versatile tablet that will allow you to complete many tasks, while you are staying within a budget. These are the main features that you will enjoy with the Dragon Touch MID7134B.

Thanks to a solid set of specs, there are many things that you can do with the Dragon Touch MID7134B. Its expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB and long battery life (up to five hours when watching videos) will allow you to bring your media content with you and enjoy it anywhere you go. It uses Android 4.0, supports Wi-Fi and it comes with a 1.3 MP camera, as well G-sensor technology. Its 7-inch display offers an 800×480 resolution and even though it is not the sharpest quality that you can get, it is sufficient to ensure that you can enjoy your favourite videos and games. In terms of performance and storage capacity, you count with a 1.2GHz A13 Cortex A9 processor, 4GB hard drive and 512 MB memory.

Best Features
The aspects that stand out about the Dragon Touch include its sleek, practical and comfortable design. At just above 9 ounces. it is a light device that is very convenient to carry around. The fact that Google Play is included, also sets this tablet apart from other devices of the same price range. Most apps, even streaming ones such as Netflix work very well. Even though there may be some delays while connecting to internet and the touch screen many be unresponsive at times, in general you will get a satisfactory performance for a very low price. The Dragon Touch is an ideal device for anyone that is new in the world of tablets and that doesn’t want to splash a large amount of money. Even though the camera quality is not the best, it is acceptable for video chatting.

The Dragon Touch MID7134B is practical, simple and affordable. While you cannot expect the same performance and quality of recognized brands, you will be pleasantly surprised with a device that covers all the benefits of owning a tablet for a price that is just above $55 USD. It offers entertainment, reliability and convenience. With the Dragon Touch, you will be able to enjoy online browsing, games, e-books, apps and video content conveniently and for a low price.

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