Don’t Miss Out on Important Notifications and Alerts with Notifyr

With Notifyr, an app that syncs your iPhone to your Mac, you will get any iOS updates in your computer’s screen without having to check your phone. Thanks to Notifyr, you will stay tuned in with the latest notifications while you are working in your Mac and will not need to keep looking at your phone from time to time in order to see what’s going on. In order to show notifications from your phone to your Mac, the app connects your Apple devices through Bluetooth. Notifyr displays the alerts in the top right corner of your Mac screen, just like the Mac OS’ Notification Center does.

Notifyr is compatible with iPhone 4S and over and the most recent Mac versions which work with Bluetooth Low Energy. You will need to install the app in both your iPhone and your Mac. Downloading Notifyr to your iPhone or iPad costs $3.99 but it is free for your Mac. Even though there are other notifications systems for Apple, which display iMessages instantly as you sign using the same Apple ID in both devices, Notifyr offers notifications from a wider range of sources.

You can stay updated with Facebook as it will notify you of any messages you receive, you will also be informed of any incoming or missed calls, as well as voicemails, texts and iMessages. Notifyr also displays content from Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and many other apps, to make sure that you can focus in your Mac while you are busy and still get alerts when someone is trying to contact you. There is also an option to mute notifications from particular apps, to avoid getting overloaded with messages and reminders that are not relevant to you.

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