Doctape: File Manager and Cloud storage in one for iOS devices

Cloud storage services are hugely popular these days thanks to the fact that we have more options to create files, take pictures and download content, as such, we need more space to save all our data. In order to access our documents, videos and more, we also need apps that allows us to open different kinds of files. The ideal solution would be to have these two services combined into one and thanks to Doctape, this is possible.

Originally from Germany, Doctape started in 2011 and over the last few years, this app has gained recognition thanks to its ease of use and impressive features. Doctape makes things simple by allowing you to open pretty much ant type of file including photos, videos and documents. At the same time, it provides a top quality cloud storage service. The Doctape app is compatible with iPhone and iPad and can support a large variety of file extensions.

Below are some of the file types that you can open with Doctape:
Adobe PDF files (.pdf)
Microsoft Office files – including Word doc, Excel (xls, xlsx), Powerfpoint (ppt, pptm, pptx).
Video files – including mp4, avi, mkv, asf, mpg and many more
Image files – jpg, bmp, png, tif and more
Audio files – including mp3, wav, wma, aif and others

Using the same app for managing and storing your files is extremely convenient, particularly for iPad users that may need to access a larger amount of files. Even though there are other popular cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, which also offer access in diverse platforms, Doctape is a step ahead thanks to the fact that it offers an extended solution to manage a larger diversity of files. Furthermore, with Doctape, makes things simple and offers a superb experience without complications.

Doctape’s interface is well built and user friendly. It does not offer advanced options and while it may not have a design that stands out, it fulfils its purpose of giving users the possibility of accessing and storing their files in practical way. The app is easy to set up and to use and that is something that most users prefer over any additional options or appealing interface. Every function that you would need is easy to access and every task can be completed quickly. Another thing that will get the attention of users is the fact that they can get a free account with 5GB storage. A Premium option is set to be launched in the near future. By now, Doctape continues offering a free app and web service that is worth trying.

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