Disable unnecessary notifications in your iPhone 5

If you have missed a call or have unread text messages, your iPhone 5 will let you know by displaying the number of pending notifications from apps within red circles to highlight them. In many cases, you need to be aware of the things that you have missed while not paying attention to your iPhone, specially if you need to return a call or read an important text. However, there are things that are not urgent and you do not need to be aware of every single time that you get a new follower in twitter or that a new update in a game is available. This is when disabling notifications in your iPhone 5 comes handy. You will not be spammed with alerts and your display will not be covered with red circles to show you things that are not that important after all. Another reason to disable notifications is that they waste a lot of battery that you need for other functions. You have the options to turn off all the notifications or only those related to an specific app. Take a look at the steps to disable them.
1. Go to the Settings menu and select Notifications.
2. Choose the apps for which you wish to disable the notifications by selecting the Notifications Center. After you tap each app, you will be redirected to the menu screen for that particular app.
3. Switch off Notifications Center in each app’s menu, if you want to toggle off notifications for specific apps. You can disable notifications for all apps by switching the Notification Center off for all of them. This will extend the life of your iPhone 5’s battery even more.

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