How to disable the touchpad on your Windows 7 laptop

Touchpads or trackpads are practical pointing tools with tactile sensors that are included in laptops. They are a useful option when a mouse is not available or when you have limited desk space. The touchpad replaces the mouse and it is the best solution when you are on the go, because it saves you space and makes things more convenient when you pack.
However, if you are working on your desk and prefer to use the mouse, or a similar input tool, you have the possibility of disabling the touchpad. Disabling the touchpad will avoid any cursor movement that you didn’t intend, in case your hand touches the pad accidentally. Here we will tell you some simple ways to disable the touchpad on a Windows 7 laptop.

Disable touchpad from the device manager

One of the things that you can do to disable the touchpad driver is to use Device Manager, following the below steps.

1. Click Start, type: device manager and click this option. This will show you a list of all the components of your system hardware.
2. Go to Mice and other point devices, click + and then select your pointing device.
3. In most computers, you would see Synaptics Touchpad or a similar name. If you have a Lenovo laptop, the option would be called ThinkPad UltaNav Pointing Device, while Dell users would see something called Cypress Touchpad or Alps Touchpad.

4. Double click the relevant device name to open the Properties screen, then select the Driver tab and click the Disable button.
5. Click OK and then close the Device Manager. This should do the trick and ensure that even if you move your finger over the touchpad, it would not work to manage the cursor.

Use the Touchpad software to disable it

A simple way to disable the touchpad is to open its software and toggle it off. All you need to do is to click Start and type trackpad or nav. This should display the touchpad options in the search results, but if nothing appears there, you can download and install the relevant software. Most laptop manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, HP and Toshiba, give users the possibility to download the trackpad control software required for their systems.

Block the touchpad using additional software

You can also rely on a free software program that is designed to automatically block accidental taps and clicks when you are using your laptop’s keyboard. Touchpad Blocker is the ideal solution when you are not able to find the appropriate software for your laptop. Touchpad Blocker is a convenient and easy to use option that disables the touchpad when you type. The touchpad is still on and can be used as a pointing tool, but it will be blocked whenever keystrokes are detected.
The software is quite simple, but provides a smart and convenient way to stop the cursor from moving around the screen when you are typing. With Touchpad Blocker you will be able to enjoy the convenience of a touchpad without worrying about accidentally touching it with your hand as you type, which may move the cursor to another line within the text. You can download its latest version ( from for free.

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