Disable Shared Endorsements in Google

You may have not realized it but if you added a photo of yourself while setting up your Google account, your face will appear pretty much everywhere. If someone looks you up in Google, they will be able to see your picture in the search results and that is not all. Your photo will appear by default in almost every action your complete within Google and that practically means that your image will be visible online for anyone, whether you rate a restaurant or download an app. Google shares the information of your ratings online as well as your picture, as part of what they call Shared Endorsements.

The idea behind Shared Endorsements is that your friends and connections can get access your reviews about places and see your recommended products and services. Your Google username and photo may appear along with that recommendation so if one of your friends searches for coffee shops, the results would show them an add for a place that you reviewed and rated positively. While Google assures that the privacy settings of your account are not affected, not everyone is going to be happy to be used to advertise products and services like this. This is why, you have the option to disable this option and ensure that your name and photo do not appear in ads. To turn off shared endorsements on adds, follow the below instructions:

1. Log into your Google account and click Settings in the Home Button.
2. Select Shared Endorsements and click Edit. Bear in mind that if you are not in Google +, you will be asked to upgrade your account in order to make the changes.
3. You will see a box next to “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads” Uncheck the box to disable that option and avoid that your photo and name are displayed in shared endorsement used in ads.
4. Click “Save”.

Sharing recommendations with friends may be helpful in some occasions but you may not feel comfortable knowing that your face and name appear whenever someone looks for a place to go or when they want to buy an album.

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