deGeo: An app that helps you to protect your privacy while sharing photos

One of the most convenient things to do with you iPhone is to use it to take pictures and thanks to the top quality of its camera, you can enjoy great images that capture any moment. When we are on holidays we may want to let other know where we are and what is the beautiful place that appears in our pictures but there may be other cases in which we do not want our location to be revealed through the photos. However, many users ignore that the GPS location data is stored within each photo. Every smartphone comes with built-in geotag data that cannot be edited and that includes exact details of where the photo was taken.

Since the impact that technology has on our privacy is a topic that has generated a lot of discussion over the last few years, it is not strange to find apps that aim to help users to control better what they share online. deGeo is one of these solutions and it works by removing geotags from your pictures before you post them on your social media profiles or anywhere on internet. With deGeo it is possible to protect your privacy and hide your location details when you share photos from the phone’s camera roll and other albums. Here is more about deGeo:

Why to use it
Many users have location services enabled in their smartphones and allow the camera to access the location, which will ensure that that all the photos taken with your mobile device will be tagged with the location. This is useful in many situations and will make things easier when you want to filter your photos by location or when you can’t remember exactly where was a photo taken. However, it is important to keep in mind that sharing such a detailed level of information about where you are located, may also put your privacy at risk and since we are exposed to online fraud or other issues, you may prefer to ensure that your location is not shared, particularly if you are sharing the photos with a large audience. Even if you are only posting the images on your Facebook profile, you may prefer not to show the location.

How does it work
deGeo is not the only app that allows you to remove the location details from your photos. However, it is the most convenient and easiest solution available and it works really well. This is what deGeo offers to help you protect your privacy when you share pictures:

deGeo prevents that your location and sensitive information such as your address or daily routine are disclosed. It does this by removing all EXIF data, which means that apart from hiding the location, it gets rid of any other metadata related to a picture. The data is removed automatically from the photo when you use deGeo and you are not required to follow any additional steps before posting the image.

deGeo is compatible with a wide selection of social media websites and services including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Dropbox and iMessage/SMS. It is also possible to email or print the photo using deGeo.

The dynamic interface will adjust the background to suit the photo that you have selected, making it not only a very practical app to use, but also one that looks great and that is well designed. You can download deGeo for just $1.99 from the App Store.

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