Date for iPhone 6’s release may have been finally revealed

After a lot of speculation, it seems like we have a new clue about the release date for the highly anticipated iPhone 6 and even though the source of the information is not Apple, it could be as reliable as an official communication. It’s been reported that German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, has advised their customers that they can expect the iPhone 6 to be available from September 19th., a news blog dedicated to everything that is related to Apple, published a story outlining how Deutsche Telekom’s customer service team have been asked to tell their customers that the iPhone 6 will be available from Friday September 19th. The purpose is to encourage their customers to extend their contracts or continue with the company while they wait for the new iPhone to be launched.

Even though it is not clear if the German company received the official release date directly from Apple or if it is simply an estimated date that they established, the information is plausible because in the past, Apple has launched their products on that time of the year. Some sources have reported that the upcoming iPhone will have two models: a standard 4.7 inch version and a larger 5.5 inch device, that would compete with other phablets available in the market and that would be released on a later date.
The iPhone 6 will use iOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s Operating System, which is set to be presented in the Worlwide Developers conference which takes place between June 2nd and 6th in San Francisco. Fitness and health would be a priority in the functionality of iOS 8 but it is also rumoured that it will offer smart home features. The new iPhone is expected to offer major updates and improved technology such as a high-powered A8 processor, a resistant sapphire glass screen and a top quality 10 Megapixels camera.

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