D2-721 Tablet Review

The D2-721 will catch your attention with its affordable price and good screen resolution, which ensures that you can enjoy good quality for videos but also read e-books and browse internet. Since the prices of Android tablets have come down significantly over the last couple of years, it is no strange to see new brands and models available for less than $100. When choosing a tablet, users are looking for convenience and reasonable prices so it is no wonder why more devices are appearing in the market to supply this demand. At just $66 USD, the D2-721 is a cheap 7-inch touch device that is easy to use and convenient to carry. We will take a closer look at the D2-721 to see if in spite of its low price, it offers a rich set of functions and a high-quality performance.

Even though the D2 is cheap, its design is not compromised and it feels like a top quality tablet. It is comfortable to handle and has an easy grip. Even though it is slightly heavier than other devices of the same type, it can be carried anywhere and thanks to its compact design and size, it will fit easily in your bag. It comes with a microUSB port ,a microSD card slot just under the small Reset button and the 0.3 megapixel front camera is located above the screen.

The resolution of the D2 -721 has been improved and unlike its previous versions, it now offers a 800×600 resolution that allows you to enjoy videos and games with good quality. The responsiveness of the touch-screen has also been enhanced, ensuring that you can access apps and functions with just one tap or swipe most of the time. The speaker is on the rear of the tablet and while the sound is not as loud as we would like, it is comparable to what other tablets, including high-end devices, offer. The D2-721 is available in black and white.

Features and apps
This tablet works with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which makes the device easy to use and responsive. The processor used is Rockchip 2928 1.2 GHz, Single Core, with a memory of 1 GB DDRIII and Storage 4GB NAND Flash. Online browsing on the go is one of the options that the D2 offers. Even though most websites can be accessed without major delays, those that have a large amount of media content can take a long time to load. The tablet comes with useful preloaded apps that include Dropbox, Lookout security, Tango Video and Kingsoft Office.

Even though the D2-721 is not marketed as a tablet designed for children, it offers content (such as a family movie called The Warrior twin) and apps like Kido’z TV (which offers a browser that is safe for kids and that only offers a list of pre-approved sites), that make it a good option for kids. The Kido’z app also comes with game educational games such as Kids Numbers and Math. While the tablet does not include Google Play, it is possible to access it to get more apps through 1Mobile Market. This app is included in the device and it offers well known options like Facebook, Chrome browser, Netflix and more.

One of the issues of the D2 is that even thought it has good basic features, its performance is not consistent. Watching videos r playing certain games doesn’t present major issues but online browsing is not as efficient. Using the keyboard to look for a website or writing a message on Facebook can be frustrating at times. Even with light use, the device stops working all of the sudden or doesn’t charge properly. In fact, many users reported that after only a few weeks of usage the D2 becomes unresponsive. It is not exactly a resistant device and while many of its features are kid-friendly, it may not offer the endurance required to be used by children.

The battery life is also disappointing. A good tablet should offer a battery life of at least 7 hours but with the D2 -721, you would only get half of that time. This means it would not be the best option for long-distance commuting, which is one of the situations in which a tablet comes handy. Finally, the camera is another weak point for the D2. It only has a front-facing camera and with 0.3 MP, you cannot expect high quality pictures.

If you are looking for a basic, easy to use and most of all, cheap tablet, the D2- 721 offers a good option, at least at first sight. It comes with apps that cover entertainment, security and communication and its child-friendly features will attract many parents that see it as an affordable tablet for their kids. However, its inconsistent performance and occasional responsiveness, as well as a disappointing battery life and camera, make it less than perfect.

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