Cycloramic: Panorama photos and editing

Cycloramic is one of the most exciting apps available for those who love taking photos and capturing video with their iPhones. This app designed for iPhone 5/5S has been recognized and praised for its amazing features that add a touch of magic to your device. The first version of Cycloramic focused on rotating the iPhone automatically using the device’s internal vibration motor to take multiple photos. These would then be put together in order to create a panoramic image. From the beginning, Cycloramic got a lot of attention thanks to its usefulness and impressive performance. The app developed by Egos Ventures continued evolving and adding more features. Millions of users have downloaded Cycloramic since it was originally released in 2012 and if you see the app in action, it is easy to see why. Here is why this fantastic app will change the way you take photos and capture videos.

Hands free Mode
The main function and the one that makes Cycloramic so special is the hands free mode, which will automatically rotate the iPhone a full 360 degrees on its own. Simply place the device on a smooth, level surface and let it capture and put together multiple images to create a panoramic photo. This feature is only available for iPhone 5/5S.

Guided Mode
This option is available for iPhone 4/4S and iPads and it allows you to get panoramic photos easily by following a guidance system. The system will give you visual prompts so that you can get perfect images and create amazing panorama photos without hassle and whenever you want. .

Photo Editing
The app also offers remarkable photo editing and enhancement options from Aviary, a well known photo editor. The tools to make your photos even better include frames, filters, stickers and adjustment functions such as rotation, cropping, brightness and more. You can enjoy the photo editing options on their own, even if you are not using Cycloramic. There is also an option to turn any photo into video.

Share your photos
The social media options will allow you to share your panorama creations on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, in which you can share photos an videos. You can also send your photos by email and SMS text.

Photo Library
It is easy to manage your photos with Cycloramic, as they are kept organized in their own album. You can get fast access to your panorama photos and videos. Individual shots that conform the panorama photo are also saved.

For just $1.99, Cycloramic offers a unique way to take photos and bring moments to life. It is definitely a must have app for taking photos and videos and it is also very easy to use. Watching the iPhone 5 moving by itself is really one of the coolest things that you will ever see.

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