CyberScrub Privacy Suite 5.1 Review

Many people take privacy for granted, even though there are many ways in which it can be breached. Since your computer holds a large amount of private information, it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect it. You may not know this, but all the files related to your online activity (including pictures, chat rooms conversation and URLs of the websites you have visited) are written to your hard drive. Even if you delete the files, they can still be retrieved with the help of recovery tools.
That means that someone with certain technical knowledge could easily get access to confidential data like your banking details, private emails and passwords.

If you want to ensure that all the evidence of your internet history is removed from your computer, you need a tool like CyberScrub Privacy Suite. Privacy Suite is a product from CyberScrub LLC, a US-based company that has been developing security applications since 1999. The application can tackle unique security risks that affect Windows and it is designed to help you to discard any confidential data, ensuring that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Protecting your personal information is not easy these days, but CyberScrub aims to offer a simple solution to defend your data from eavesdroppers and unauthorized access. Privacy Suite 5.1 may not be an all-in-one tool to guarantee that your privacy remains intact, but it includes features that will allow you to feel safer. Here we will take a closer look at CyberScrub Privacy Suite.

Getting started
CyberScrub Privacy Suite is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. In order to install the software, your computer needs to have at least 128MB of RAM, a 300MHz processor or higher and 20 MB of free disk space. The setting up process is simple and it will only take a few minutes to complete. After installing Privacy Suite, a quick-start menu will be launched to guide you through the tool. The menu shows you the most important functions and offers an explanation about them. This ensures that you can get familiar with the software and that you can use it without any issues.

You can disable the quick-start menu and go to the main menu, where you will be able to access and manage Privacy Suite’s functions. This menu also offers a great deal of information and will help new users to feel more comfortable while using the software. It is also possible to customize options, or you can opt for default settings to make your experience with Privacy Suite 5.1 simple and effective.

What does CyberScrub Privacy offers?
CyberScrub Privacy Suite is a practical option to remove any traces of online activity from your computer. The tool can get rid of any evidence of web browsing, including cookies and download information. Apart from letting you remove online browsing history, Privacy Suite can wipe data related to peer-to-peer programs such as iMesh or Kazaa, instant messaging applications (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger and more) and email services.

The software includes features that will help users to clear files associated to their online conversations, downloads and email messages. The information will be securely removed from your computer’s hard drive, making it inaccessible for anyone who might try to retrieve it. CyberScrub doesn’t only work for files related to online applications. It also cleans traces of usage from Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office and other applications.

With Privacy Suite 5.1, CyberScrub aims to provide a comprehensive solution to eliminate any traces of sensitive data to make sure that your privacy is not compromised. It offers a powerful file-deletion functionality that can remove all files containing confidential information. Privacy Suite is so effective, that it doesn’t only remove original files, but also Shadow Copies, which are virtual captures of all your activity and files. Even after you delete an unwanted file, its Shadow Copy would still be available, but CyberScrub’s Privacy Suite eliminates both the original file and the associated Shadow Copy to guarantee that the information cannot be recovered by anyone, not even by a tech expert.

Privacy Suite 5.1 also allows you to manage cookie deletion, ensuring that those who are required are not removed. You can get rid of those cookies that are not required, while keeping convenient cookies like those used for signing into websites to ensure that your online browsing is not affected. Privacy Suite 5.1 supports multiple browsers including IE 11, Firefox 33 and Google Chrome 38. With Privacy Suite you can also remove data related to a large selection of third-party applications and the list of options is continuously updated to make the software more effective.

The tool is so powerful that it goes beyond the US Department of Defense’s standards for the permanent deletion of digital information. CyberScrub Privacy Suite has a useful feature called Risk Manager, which gives you automatic alerts that help you to manage and delete your data effectively. The Risk Manager will make you aware of any possible issues and it will also inform you about fixes and updates. You can choose how often you want to receive these notifications.

Ease of use and support
Privacy Suite is a secure option to remove sensitive information from the hard drive and it offers functions that make the process simple. It is a reliable tool that will not wipe crucial data when you use it with the default settings. You can also customize the cleaning options to suit your needs, but just make sure that you are very careful when selecting the files that you want to delete to avoid removing important data by mistake.

CyberScrub offers a complete Knowledge Base for all of their products including Privacy Suite. Customers can find useful information and answers to the most popular queries, and if additional help is required, it is possible to create a ticket. The customer support team is skilled and the responses would only take a few hours in most cases. However, there are times when urgent assistance is needed and it would be better to have the option to reach them also by phone or live chat.

The new version of Privacy Suite stands out as a simple and effective way to protect your privacy by removing confidential information from your computer. Although it doesn’t cover all the applications and options that users may need to remove, it offers great compatibility and useful features. Privacy Suite 5.1 is a great file-deletion solution and you can get a full year subscription for just $59.99 USD.

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