Conduit Mobile – The Easy Way to Create a Custom App for Your Business

Mobile technology is taking over the world, expanding the possibilities to share content through apps which keep users updated with the latest news and information from their favorite websites and blogs.

However, creating a dedicated app can take a lot of time and investment, which is why webmasters and bloggers look for an alternative to make sure that they can reach their targeted audience.

One of the services that can offer a convenient solution for independent publishers is Conduit Mobile, also known as Como.

With Conduit Mobile, business owners, music promoters, event organizers, bloggers and more, can create apps using their content. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using Conduit Mobile.

Who is Conduit Mobile?

Conduit is well known by Internet users thanks to their impressive range of interactive apps and services such as Wibiya, which is used in many websites.

Conduit Mobile offers a high level of technology and it is one of the most popular services from the company. It is a web-based platform that allows users to build mobile apps using their own content. It is possible to include content from RSS feed and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Conduit Mobile is very advanced and powerful but the best thing about it is that it is very easy to use. It can be used by anyone that wants to share their original content, even those with little technical knowledge. It is as simple as entering the URL of your site and letting Conduit Mobile take care of the rest.

Who Uses Conduit Mobile?

Professional developers and those who create a large amount of content may not find Conduit Mobile useful due to its web-based nature. However, anyone that needs a simple option will find that this service offers a great level of customization.

Conduit Mobile will suit tech bloggers, independent writers, musicians and anyone that needs a solution to get their content out there even if they don’t have the knowledge and money required to create an app.

Using Conduit Mobile is convenient for any writer, thanks to its ease of use.

If your website has a RSS feed, Conduit Mobile uses it to create content. It will also link with content in Facebook and Twitter. This builds a full app that offers comprehensive content from your site and social media profiles.

What you can expect from Conduit Mobile

Whether you are concerned about quality or quantity, Conduit mobile can suit your needs as it allows you to add as much content as you wish and to ensure that it is targeted to the right audience.

Thanks to the popularity that Conduit Mobile enjoys, a wide variety of content (including photos, videos, events, advertisement and more) can be shared to a large number of users. Conduit also allows you to customize the appearance by changing the background, colors and more to suit your style. Although we would like to have the ability to adjust the font, there are still plenty of settings that can be modified according to your taste.

In terms of cost, Conduit Mobile offers options to suit different budgets, including a free plan. Keep in mind that there are limited features in this plan and if you want to really enjoy all the advantages that Conduit Mobile can offer, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan such as the Gold, which offers a good set of options for $33 per month. It can be a viable option if your website or business can afford it and the benefits of using “Como” can justify the investment.

There is also a Platinum plan that would suit bigger businesses that need a dedicated mobile app suitable for platforms like iOS, Windows Phone and Android. For $83 per month, you can get this plan and enjoy all the features including Push Notifications. If you want to try out Conduit Mobile before subscribing, you can use the free service and discover all that it can do to help you promote your blog or website.

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