Comodo Backup Review

Comodo BackupWhile backing up is a familiar concept for most computer users, many people are still neglecting the security of their data and as a result, critical files are being lost every day. Online backup services are a solution that can protect data effectively and new users are discovering the benefits of this technology. Even if you have never used an online backup service, you will be able to find a service that is so simple, that you will become familiar with it in just a matter of minutes.

Comodo Backup is one of the online backup solutions that aims to make things simple for its customers, particularly for those who have no previous experience with this technology. This online backup service is offered by Comodo, a trusted name in the world of internet security and recovery software. Being a solution from a reliable company, Comodo Backup has gained the attention from many customers. Here is more about this online backup solution.

Getting Started
The first thing worth noting about Comodo is its intuitive and powerful interface that enables you to create backup copies of your valuable data quickly and easily. It supports all the features that you would expect from a high quality backup solution. Unlike most online backup services we have reviewed, Comodo is not a multi-platform solution. You will need Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP to be able to backup your data with Comodo. While there is a web interface that enables you to access your data from any internet-enabled computer, there are not mobile applications available.

Comodo is easy to use and it lets you create backups of your data without hassle. While the program can be downloaded for free, you will need to opt for the paid plan to fully enjoy its cloud storage functionality. The free version only offers 10GB for 90 days, but it is still a good way to test Comodo’s backup solution and to find out what features it has to offer. The paid version of the service gives you 100GB of online storage for $7.99 per month, or $79.95 per year. If you pay in advance for one year, you will get 2 months for free. You can also get 200GB for $14.99 per month, or $149.95 per year and 500GB for $34.99 per month, or $349.95 per year.

Installing the application is very easy and after selecting your language preferences and accepting the license agreement, you will be able to choose the destination for the software. The interface is simple and you can set up a backup task easily with the help of the helpful wizard. Comodo Backup is a comprehensive solution that can backup disks, partitions, files and directories. It also supports backup of entire registry, user settings, custom registry keys, email accounts, IM conversations and more. With Comodo Backup you can complete full Backup, incremental backup, differential backup and synchronized backup.

How Does it Work
Comodo Backup is easy to use and it lets you create backups of your data without hassle. You just need to click System Backup and Comodo scans your computer and backs it up in its entirety. It is impressively simple and it also gives you the option to select specific files and folders, if you prefer not to back up the whole system. Apart from giving you the possibility to backup to the cloud, you can also save backups to a local drive, optical media such as CD/DVD/BD disc, FTP server, network folder and to an external folder. Backups can be saved to these destinations using ZIP, ISO or Comodo’s own CBU format.

You can save backups using a regular copy version to prevent files from being converted or compressed. If you are not sure how to name your backup, you can use the autocomplete feature from Comodo, which will give you a suggestion. The Junk file scanner ensures that you only back up the files that you really need as it helps you to exclude duplicates, temp files and other non-essential data. Comodo Backup keeps tracks of the updates and changes on your files, enabling you to recover older versions of your files.

You can also schedule backups to run whenever you prefer it. You can opt for daily, weekly, monthly backups, or as often as needed. It is possible to set backups to take place even if you are not using your computer. If preferred, you can shutdown your computer whenever a backup task that you have scheduled, is completed. If there is not enough space to complete a backup or the task fails, Comodo Backup will let you know by displaying a popup message or sending you an email.

The option to restore files with Comodo Backup is remarkablele. Unlike most backup programs that restore all files and folders, Comodo allows you to mount a backup like a virtual drive and then you can copy the files and folders of your choice. You can browse through the data as you would in Windows Explorer, which makes things easier. If you prefer to restore the entire backup to its original location, you can also do this.

One of the most convenient things about Comodo Backup is its online drive feature, which enables you to edit documents and play media files directly from the storage. In terms of security, Comodo Backup promises to apply the necessary measures to ensure that your files are safe during transfer and storage. Although Comodo doesn’t provide much details about the level of encryption used, it guarantees that the information is stored securely and it offers he option to protect backups using a password.

Customer Support
You can reach Comodo Backup’s technical support by phone or email. Although you will not find a wide variety of help resources on the website, there is an impressive service in offer called Geek Buddy. This is a paid option that offers personalized technical support that can help you, not only with Comodo Backup queries, but with other computer issues. The service costs $199.99 per year for three computers. While it is a good solution if you don’t mind paying for excellent support, it feels like Comodo tries to push customers to subscribe to this service, instead of providing regular help options like a knowledgebase, forum or a live chat.

Comodo Backup works well and its easy to use interface makes it a great option for users that are not familiar with online backup services. It provides advanced backup options, although it lacks other functionality like file sharing. If you are looking for a simple, customizable and effective solution, Comodo Backup may be a good way to start backing up your data online.

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