Comm100 Live Chat – Extremely Useful iOs App For Webmasters

Over the last few years Live Chat support systems have evolved and have become a powerful tool to engage customers. Business owners and webmasters have discovered the potential of live chat support to provide a solid customer service that is easy to access and that offers a faster response. Thanks to this, a company can gain recognition since a happy customer is more likely to recommend a service to their friends and family. One of the most prestigious Live Chat systems is Comm100, which is used by well known companies like Intel. Comm100 has an app designed for iPad and iPhone that works really well and that is another of the aspects that explain why so many top business have chosen this service.

Comm100 allows you to offer support from iPad/iPhone and it is one of the top options when it comes to live chat systems. The reason why so many websites have opted for installing a live chat system is that it can create a stronger connection with potential customers, thanks to a more personalized attention. As a customer, you are more likely to enjoy a good experience when a fast and convenient contact method like live chat is available on a website.

The majority of live chat systems can only be found on the web, meaning that a site that only counts with a small team will struggle to provide live chat support, as there will not be enough coverage available. What makes Comm100 stand out from other solutions is that it enables mobile support, ensuring that users can provide live chat to their customers at any time. You can be on the go and still be available for your customers. Furthermore, Comm100’s app for iPhone and iPad is easy to use and offers powerful features without any of the complications of other systems.

With Comm100, you can effectively offer support to your customers from your mobile device as you will be able to see who is visiting your website and access all the relevant areas to ensure that visitors to your site can connect with you via chat. A live chat option creates a stronger sense of reliability and makes your customers trust more in your website. Thanks to Comm100, companies and webmasters can chat with their customers conveniently, using iPad/iPhone. It also allows you to keep an eye on the live support on your website to improve your visitor’s experience. Comm100’s app is available for free from the App Store and it works with iPhone, iPad. Comm100 also offers professional live chat services for companies with plans that start at $21 per month for operator. If you want to optimize your website an engage your visitors, the Comm100 app is a convenient and effective solution.

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