How To Clear Cache For Message/iMessage On iPhone & iPad

It is not only files and applications that you can see what occupies space in your iPhone or iPad. There are also other bits of data that get accumulated and that are not that easy to identify. Still, this additional data takes a big chunk of space in your device and can affect its performance. One of the things that can contribute to take over space in your iPhone is message cache. This is particularly true when you send and receive photos, videos through texts and iMessages. While there is other data such as backup from iTunes, that is also stored and that affects the capacity of your device, you can free up a lot of space by removing the Message cache.

Thanks to iBackupBot, a well-known backup-editing program, it is possible to manage your iPhone’s backup, in order to clear some space in your device. iBackupBot allows you to check all the important backup files, so that you can find and select the ones that you need. You can view, edit and export and transfer your files using built-in tools such as Text Editor, Database viewer, Image viewer, Call History Viewer, SMS Message Viewer and others. It is also possible to search, view and transfer export media files including photos, voicemails and multimedia SMS messages with the Media Browser. Just follow the below steps and you will be able remove effectively Message cache with iBackupBot.

1. Download iBackupBot online to your computer. This software offers a free trial and the full version for Mac/PC costs just $34.95. Keep in mind that your Mac/PC will need to be running the latest version of iTunes.

2. Once you have installed iBackupBot in your computer, you will be able to backup your iPhone or iPad via iTunes. To do this, connect your iOS device to the PC or Mac.

3. Right click on your iPad/iPhone, under the devices listed in iTunes. Then click on Backup Now or use the Back Up option located in the Summary tab.

4. Open iBackupBot and go to navigate the System Files from the side panel. Then go to Mediadomain, followed by Library, SMS and then Attachments.

5. In Attachments, you will find the folders that contain the Message cache with all the sent and received videos, photos and media files. The best option is to delete all the folders to clear up enough space.

6. Select Restore to get your iPhone re-established to this backup.

7. You can also clear iCloud backup in order to free up even more space. In order to do this, simply go to Settings, then select iCloud, followed by Storage & Backup and get rid of any backup that is there. You do not need to worry as afterwards, you can create a new backup.

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