CarPlay: Apple’s Technology On The Road

Apple aims to offer solutions that allow users to enjoy its technology at home or on the go. They have been working in applications that improve connectivity and that will ensure that the user experience is consistent across devices. It is clear that the company wants to extend the presence of their products and make them part of everyday tasks like driving. Launched during the Geneva International Motor Show in March, CarPlay is a platform that allows iOS devices to connect and display information on a car system. When an iPhone is connected to the CarPlay interface, it enables you to make and receive calls, send and read texts or emails using Siri, view maps and skip through your playlist while you drive.

The aim of CarPlay is to provide easier access to iPhone’s features in a smarter and safer way to ensure that users do not have to take their hands from the wheel at any stage. CarPlay is already available in selected models from Volvo, Honda, Ferrari, Hyundai and Mercedes Benz. Other manufacturers that are set to release vehicles that support CarPlay are Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi and more. Classic car manufacturers such as Alpine, have also showed interest in offering a console that will support Apple’s in-car platform. Here are some of the features that drivers will be able to enjoy with CarPlay.

Siri has been integrated to the system in order to provide a hands-free experience. You can open the messaging app by pressing a button in the steering wheel and Apple’s intelligent assistant will read incoming messages and notifications, so you can respond with voice commands. Siri will ask who should the text be sent to and you need to provide an specific name, then dictate the text and ask Siri to send it.

With just one click you can open the dialer app and ask Siri to help you to make calls or check your voicemail. Just like with the messaging function, you will just need to say the name of the contact you need to reach and thanks to the microphone and speakers system in the car, you will be able to talk to them while you drive.

Navigation tasks can also controlled using Siri. CarPlay uses Apple Maps as the satellite navigation system to provide directions, traffic information and estimated time of journey. You can let Siri know where you would like to go and say the name of your destination. Alternatively, you can give a general request – just ask for a restaurant for example – and let Siri offer recommendations of places near where you are.

Listening experience
You can enjoy music, radio and podcasts through different services including iTunes, Spotify and Beats Music. Simply click on the music app or say out loud the music track. CarPlay lets you listen to all the tracks in your iPhone and get all the music player features in your car.

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