Canon VIXIA HF R400 Review

A digital camcorder is an investment that requires a lot of research and if you have a limited budget, finding the best camera at the right prince may take even longer. While you can record video using your smartphone or tablet and there are low-priced cameras that also serve this purpose, if you are looking to capture video regularly, a digital camcorder specifically designed for video recording, is the most convenient solution. In order to find a good camera that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you can take a look at the catalogue of a company that is known for the top quality of its products to get a better idea of the options available.

One of the brands that you need to consider is Canon and amongst the cameras available from this reputable manufacturer, the VIXIA HF R400 is bound to get your attention thanks to its convenient price and solid design. The HF R400 is a step below models like the HF R40 and HF R42 in terms of price and features, but it still offers durability, convenience and quality. We will take a look at Canon VIXIA HF R400 to discover what makes it a good alternative for anyone who is looking for a good digital camcorder at a reasonable price.

The Canon HF R400 is available for less than $300 USD, but its sleek design and solid built are at the same level as pricier models like the HF R40. The camera has a nice glossy finish that exudes quality and the handstrap can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort. The HF R400 is lightweight and smaller than other digital cameras, making it a practical companion for your holidays. In terms of functionality, the camera doesn’t disappoint and its ease of usage will suit anyone who needs a camera for basic recording tasks.

Every function is simple to manage and can be located without any hassle in this compact camcorder. The camera can be turned on by opening the display panel, meaning that you will be ready to capture video quickly and without any complications. Basic controls like the power and playback buttons, as well as connection ports like HDMI are also found when you open the display panel. Of course the camera includes a user guide, but it is so easy to use that you will get familiar with the options and the way it works in a short while. The camera is part of the VIXIA series and just like the other models of the range, it offers a high quality display. The 3.0-inch touchscreen allows you to do complete basic tasks and it adds convenience to the camcorder.

In spite of being cheaper than other VIXIA camcorders, the HR R400 offers advanced internal and external technology. This camera can reduce noise levels and provide decent image results even when recording under poor light conditions thanks to the combination of Canon 3.28-megapixel CMOS image sensor with DIGIC DV 4 image processor, a feature that is included in high-end versions. When you capture video outdoors during daylight, you can expect optimal results.

Users that are only looking for a camera to record videos of their holidays, family celebrations or special events, will find that this is an ideal camera for their needs. If you don’t need to record HD videos, you can go for a 1440×1080 for your clips to get a manageable file size without sacrificing quality. To reduce the size of your video files even further in order to keep enough storage space for other recordings, you can use 720p MP4 mode.

One of the main differences between the Canon HF R400 and the other HF R VIXIA models, is that it doesn’t have an internal flash memory. This means that you will need to use an SD card to store your recordings. While the lack of flash storage space may disappoint some users, there is an advantage of relying on a memory card to capture your videos and that is that you have greater control over the storage space. Those who need high storage capacity, can invest on a 64 GBSDX card to ensure that they can capture high-quality 1080p video, but if you only need basic storage capacity, you can go for 8GB or 16 GB, which will also be cheaper.

The HF R400 offers much more than the basic recording functions that are also available with a smartphone. Although it is not a professional filming camera, it allows you to use special effects and you can customize your recording experience. For instance, you can use 60p mode or 24p mode to make your videos different and unique. The HF R400 also uses powerful image stabilization technology and its 32x optical zoom is above other compact camcorders and is well beyond what a smartphone can offer.

However, the camera doesn’t support Wi-Fi and while it does a great job recording videos, it is not as good taking pictures. Still, there are many interesting features in the HF R400 that will enhance your videos. One of them is Baby Mode, which offers options that will come handy for parents who want to capture every stage of their baby’s growth. This mode allows users to organize their baby’s videos in a dedicated album. The VIXIA HF R400 also offers Audio Scene Select, which lets you capture realistic video in a variety of situations and Smart AUTO, a feature that detects and adjust camcorder’s settings automatically in order to get the best possible quality in every recording.

The Canon HF R400 is a great camera for everyday use and it will suit users who want to record videos while they travel, or those who want to capture special moments to keep the memories alive. Even though the HF R400 does not offer the advanced features that are available in other VIXIA series models, it is very practical and it offers good quality and performance. Unless you require a large amount of storage space and Wi-Fi is a feature that you require in a camcorder, the HF R400 is a suitable option to capture great videos for a convenient price.

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