Can My Phone Get Infected?

Can my phone get infectedPhones are just PCs in a pocket and although they don’t get infected with viruses like PCs do there is a hazard of malware becoming an unwanted passenger.

Cellphones are the place for personal info to be, which is probably the thing that people cherish the most nowadays. We hear all sorts of creepy stories about phones getting hacked and personal data being leaked onto the web and/or being used to blackmail the owner.

Since information is power, make sure you take precautions so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Does My Phone Need Protection From Viruses?

All phones could benefit from virus/malware protection even if you are savvy with technology. Phones can be vulnerable to attack just by using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

If you jailbreak your phone or download apps and games without vetting the vendor and making sure they are safe then you are at risk of downloading a virus or giving control of you phone to a malicious attacker.

So What Is Malware?

Malware is software that’s created to steal private information, control the device, or steal money from the owner.

This malicious software can steal passwords, put false charges on your bank accounts, and track data regarding your activity and whereabouts without you even knowing about it. It can be as harmless as secret data collection or as bad as identity theft.

There Are Several Ways of Getting It

The most common way is via the Internet. Clicking on suspicious popup ads and continuing unsafe behaviors are the most common ways of getting your phone infected. Of course, installing apps and downloading files or data from unknown, unpopular sites or app markets are some other ways of getting it.

Safe Browsing

You have to remember that safe browsing is a must-have while using your phone. There are many drive-by-download sites that can install malware onto your phone or latch onto your downloaded files/apps without you knowing. That is why you need to use common sense while browsing: use popular search engines and well-known/reputable sites.

You Have to Be Updated

Cell phone owners think that iOS/Android system updates are a pain, but they actually include vital new software and security updates. Without these updates you could be leaving your phone vulnerable to attack.

And Spam

We can’t forget the spam! It doesn’t always end up in your safe ‘Spam’ folder; sometimes it can get through those filters. Therefore, never open links in SMS or emails from unknown contacts or services that you have not been previously used. Only open emails and continue to surf links from companies you know or from services that should keep in touch with you.

Can Android Get Infected?

Although all that scary malware is surfing through the Internet and waiting to get into your phone, it’s not as easy as you think. If you engage in safe behaviors, like conscientious app downloading and safe browsing, the chance of your phone getting infected is quite low. Androids have their own cybersecurity that tackles most malware on its own.

Can My iPhone Get Infected?

Hypothetically speaking, yes. However, because iOS is its own cyber ecosystem with the ability to get genuine apps only from the App Store and severe browsing ‘watch’ that blocks the predominant majority of suspicious websites, it’s going to take some work to get through those blockades and install malware on your iPhone. But you can always help them by unconscientious Internet usage, of course.

So What Do I Do?

It really won’t hurt to install additional protection on your phone. Malware reinvents itself, companies pay hackers to create a more powerful and invasive malware, and some unconscientious hackers themselves may decide to either implant some malware on a target population’s phones or even try and hack them directly.

Get an Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security Pro is one of the better options of sprucing up the cybersecurity of your cell phone. This extensive review shows that it has many features to significantly strengthen your phone’s cybersecurity while not overloading its system and not creating burdens for your user experience.

It has really good protection and reliability from malware, a formidable mobile security function, network scanning features, free password managers, and other functions.

Its packages are very affordable for the hard rock you get. By getting it, Avast Mobile Security Pro will protect your phone from getting malware, browsing unsafe websites or wi-fi networks, will block the unwanted experience and scan and clean the hell out of your phone. With Avast Mobile Security Pro, no malware stands a chance of getting your phone infected.

And remember: Our phones are active 24/7 even when we’re not touching them and that is where you’ll need something like the Avast Mobile Security Pro or any other mobile phone antivirus to have your back.

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