Call Tracking Software: A Useful Technology

Call tracking is a technology tool that has changed how marketers measure success. Some may think of call tracking as a way to follow you on your phone—spy stuff—but it is nothing of the sort. All call tracking does is tell businesses how their customers found their number. It’s that easy.

The platform tracks phone calls from leads or prospects and can be used to optimize marketing campaigns.

For instance, Call Logic from Phonexa can help in analyzing the behavior and demographics of your callers.

Here’s the review of this tool, so our readers could see the opportunities it can provide.

Call Logic: General Info

Call Logic from Phonexa helps businesses improve their ROI using the analytics and tracking of campaign results.

The platform offers diverse data for improving marketing approaches and boosting sales. Marketing teams can arrange their clients according to the parameters and adjust their communication methods.

Call Logic Features

Moreover, the platform provides automation for customizing and routing calls. The recording function can serve to improve the inbound strategies and conversations.

See the detailed descriptions of the Call Logic mechanisms and features below.

How It Works: Call Logic Mechanisms

The process of call tracking and data analysis consists of the following steps:

1. Dialing

2. Connecting

3. Receiving

As soon as the prospect dials your number via your website, the Phonexa call tracking software starts its process. It collects the data about the caller based on their number, location, and potential purposes. You automatically get the generated lead added to your database.

The next stage is connecting when the person gets greetings from the IVR, or Interactive Voice Response function. With voice recognition, you can engage the caller to define the purpose of their call. A voice recognition solution and IVR allow filtering the calls and assigning the suitable agent or manager.

Call Logic Mechanisms

Even after the call ended, you still have access to all the data and the recorded conversation. Everything you might need will be available on Phonexa’s dashboard.

The information about the call starts uploading to your database right after the person clicks “Call.”

Marketers will appreciate it for campaign optimization purposes while the quality assurance team works on conversation improvements.

Features of the Phonexa Call Logic Platform

Here’s precisely what you can do on the Phonexa Call Logic platform

– Analyze the results of your campaign by tracking customer behavior. The insights are more profound thanks to filtering and grouping callers according to demographics, location, and other characteristics.

– Track call metrics and reports. Advanced tracking options and detailed information will provide you with the opportunity to increase the ROI.

– Set the first contact with the caller via IVR. Customized automated voice responder helps in directing the calls to the suitable manager.

– Record calls for future QA purposes. Learn the good cases ad work on improving the problematic ones.

– Observe real-time data to optimize campaign processes immediately.

– Adjust communication via AI voice recognition. It works for both routing the caller and identifying the person.

– Record professional greetings and messages. Customize the automated messages and replies by replacing the standard lines with any other recorded ones.

Features of the Phonexa Call Logic Platform

– Predict callers’ reactions. An in-depth analysis of the received metrics allows detecting your target audience’s reactions and pain points in advance.

– Use toll-free phone numbers. Phonexa’s Call Logic provides the selection of toll-free numbers for your business.

– Manage your partnerships. Collaborate with your vendors and customers, allowing them access to the analytics and reports.

– Route and filter the calls. Automatic Call Distributor makes it easier to direct received calls, arrange callbacks and manage the call traffic.

– Store and arrange data via an interactive management system. The interactive and intuitive dashboard serves for storing and organizing the data for practical analysis.

Benefits for Marketers

Data-driven marketers can enhance campaign effectiveness using call tracking software like Call Logic. For instance, they can improve their ROI thanks to analyzing the campaign results and focusing on driving and converting approaches.

Call Tracking Software: A Useful Technology. CUTTING-EDGE TOOLS FOR THE DATA-DRIVEN MARKETER

Also, tracking software allows you to collect data about the target audience. Call Logic arranges the information into the reports and visuals to estimate the results of your campaign. This provides insights on what marketing approaches and trends suit your expectations.

This marketing tool aims to save time thanks to the automation features like Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distributor. Callers will be sent to the right agent, so communication will be productive and meet customers’ expectations.

Final Thoughts

If your marketing activity is dependant on call data, you will need call tracking software to improve your results.

Take a look at Call Logic as a proper tool for managing, arranging, and storing the data received from your inbound and outbound calls.

It is suitable for adjusting your marketing approaches and methods to keep up with your target clients’ needs.

And customer support personnel will be more effective thanks to the call recording functions and automated routing.

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