Boximize: A Convenient Solution to Organize your Ideas

Our minds are more powerful and extraordinary than any machine ever created. They are filled with an incredible amount of information and a legion of thoughts. There is so much going on in our heads that is difficult to keep track of everything and great ideas may get lost unless we take note of them quickly. Many people carry a small notepad wherever they go, but thanks to technology there are easier ways to organize our ideas and to make sure that we do not forget about what really matters.

is an app that allows you to capture your ideas, take notes, keep a to-do list or schedule reminders. In summary, it is an app that helps you to manage all kinds of data in a practical manner. Whether you want to organize your business contacts, write a shopping list or keep track of your diet, Boximize offers categories (or boxes) that let you to sort your data efficiently. It suits those who need to manage business contacts, as well as people who want to write down what they dreamed about last night

Created by Mostafa Ashour (who is a former Microsoft Program Manager), Boximize is in essence a practical way to take notes and organize information but it is precisely this simple functionality what makes it so versatile. This is an app that lets you put your creativity to work and become more productive. It offers 27 pre-set templates or categories to organize your data including Audio Notes, Events, Diet Log, Movie Collection, Inventory and that is only the beginning. Here is more of what Boximize can do for you.

Efficiency and organization
Some of the best apps available are those that can make things easier for you and Boximize achieves that with powerful organization features. It does not only allow you to take notes, but it also gives you the chance to arrange your data effectively. All you need to do is to create an entry using the most suitable template and you will be able to arrange the information.

For instance, if you choose the Recipes template you can add details in fields such as ingredients and preparation time. This will ensure that you can access the data without any hassle, whenever you need it. These organization settings are what makes Boximizer stand apart from conventional note-taking solutions. With Boximize, your data is arranged automatically in a simple but very smart way.

Boximize lets you add information fast and easily using the templates and forms available by default, but you also have the option of creating new templates to suit your needs. You can choose from 20 different data categories including number, date, text, email and location. It is also possible to add these types of data to existing templates in order to include more information.

Security and Access
You can access your data without delay, thanks to the convenient search feature that allows you to look through the lists that you have created. To protect your data, you can set up a password to lock down the lists created with Boximize. Make sure that you keep your password safe and handy because if you enter the incorrect one multiple times, you could lose all your data.

This is an impressive app that offers everything you need to manage your lists and data. It is not coincidence that Boximize has earned recognition as one of the best productivity apps available. Boximize goes beyond other note-taking options, offering a simple and fast way to organize your information. Additional sharing and syncing features will soon be incorporated, making Boximize a complete solution to access your lists from all your devices and to share your ideas in social media sites. You can currently get this practical app for free in the App Store.

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