Bose Docking Stations – Top Quality Sound for your iPhone and iPod

American company Bose is recognized for creating high technology audio equipment that guarantee the best sound. From speakers to headphones, Bose offers a wide range of devices that will allow you to enjoy top quality while listening to your music. Bose’s SoundDock systems for iPhone and iPod are very popular amongst music lovers that want to get excellent sound at home or on the go. One of the advantages of lighting docks is that they offer a long lasting battery life and can be used to charge your iPhone. Even though the prices are not the most affordable in the market, it is a worthy investment for those who love music and want to get the best sound. These docks are convenient, beautiful and come supporter by the prestige and reliability that Bose is known for.

SoundDock XT Speaker
bose sounddockThis dock has a powerful performance and a convenient size that allows you to enjoy your music wherever you are. It is lightweight, simple and offers an impressive quality of sound. The XT speaker comes with a 3.5 mm auxiliary port that allows you to connect other devices, including CD players, tablets or laptops, making a practical solution to get high quality sound with all your equipment. Since the XT Speaker is easy to carry and it is a very practical option. It is available in White/Yellow and White/ Grey for $149.95.


SoundDock Series II Digital Music System
boseThe Series II introduced a remarkable theatre sound experience at home. You can use it with iPhone 5/ 5S/ 5C, with the help from a 30-pin adapter. You can also connect other devices thanks to the 3.5mm auxiliary input and while it has a great battery life, you can also connect it to a power source directly. It comes with a convenient remote control that allows you to control volume, skip tunes and more. You can get the Series II Digital Music System for $179.95

SoundDock Series III digital music system
SoundDock Series IIIThe successor of the SoundDock Series II, this lightning dock offers an elegant design and an incredible quality of sound. It has a remote control that lets you navigate through your playlist and control basic functions in your iPhone and iPod. You can also connect other devices such as CD or DVD players, tablets or laptops thanks to the auxiliary input. It can be connected to a power outlet using the wall adapter. It is compatible with the latest versions of iPod and iPhone. The Series III is available in black ($249.95) and a limited colour edition has been launched. If you prefer to add some colour to the amazing sound experience that Bose offers, grab a green, blue or orange.

SoundDock Portable Digital Music System
SoundDock Portable Digital Music SystemThose who want to bring their music with them need a system that can be easily carried around. That is why the Portable Digital Music has gained a lot of popularity. It combines a powerful sound with portability. It is lightweight and comes with a handle for maximum comfort. Its battery life can last up to 8 hours ensuring that you enjoy your music on the go. This portable system can also be connected to a wall outlet. It requires a 30-pin adapter for use with Phone 5 and up. You can purchase it for $299.95 on Amazon.

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