Blurb: A self-publishing solution to transform your ideas into beautiful books

blurb-boxAn idea may seem great, but it doesn’t become a reality until you dare to make it happen, regardless of how challenging it may be. Internet has made things easier for people who want to unleash their creativity and share their stories, photographs, drawings and more with the world. There are many ways to take advantage of the freedom and convenience that technology offers for anyone who wants to be an author. If you have dreamed about publishing your own book or magazine, you don’t need to struggle knocking doors and hoping for a big company to offer you a deal. Self-publishing is a very practical option to let others discover your work and one of the most complete solutions available to help you make your dream come true is Blurb.

Founded in 2005, Blurb is a self-publishing and marketing platform that offers a wide array of tools and experienced support to ensure that anyone can create, promote and sell their own book. Their team has solid experience in design, internet and media and they are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. If you have an idea for a book, need to create professional material for your business, or simply want to arrange your photos in a beautiful photo album that will impress your family and friends, Blurb is the solution. Their reliable service and exclusive features will suit bloggers, photographers, comic book artists and anyone who has a story to tell. Find out how Blurb can help you to get your ideas onto paper or digital format.

What does Blurb offer
Blurb was designed to enable authors to share their work through a service that assists with every part of the creation of a book and its marketing. Even if you have limited skills or knowledge about the world of publishing, you can create amazing books as Blurb will guide you through the whole process. The software is easy to use and you can enjoy unique options to create books that reflect your style. Blurb stands out from other self-publishing services because it gives you complete control over the design of the book.

If you are creating a photo book, you can choose between the default layouts available in the online photo book editor, or organize your images in any way you like with the BookWright software, which lets you customize the designs and layouts. There are some limitations in terms of size and cover selection, but overall you will have all the necessary elements to create the book you always intended to. The Blurb community has a common interest in books and you will also find the tools and the space to promote your book.

There are different ways to create a book that you want to make available to a wide audience, or a family photo album to keep your most precious memories. Blurb offers a variety of options to suit every kind of author. The tools are simple to use and let you take over every aspect of the customization and design of your book. They also include a large number of convenient templates. One of the options is the previously mentioned BookWright, which is packed with features like flowing text containers and alignment guides. With BookWright you can easily create any type of print book, ebook or magazine.

The online photo book editor gives you the possibility of creating stunning books with your images using a set of pre-designed layouts. Blurb allows you to make a book with photos from your computer, or from your Instagram, Flickr and Facebook accounts including captions and comments. The auto-fill feature arranges the images for you and it is possible to modify the layouts and the backgrounds of the pages. The easy drag and drop functions and the online design process that doesn’t require any download, make the online editor a great option to create photo books within minutes. Blurb also lets you turn any print book into a digital version without any hassle.

An addtional alternative is the Blurb BookSmart software, which you can get for free. It is compatible with Windows (XP and onwards) and Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Before downloading BookSmart, you will need to register entering your email address and choosing a username and password. Installing and using the software is easy, thanks to its clear interface which includes an introductory tutorial. To get started creating your book, you are asked to choose the size and format you prefer. You will also be able to choose options for the colour of the text, page layouts and the Autoflow feature allows you to import and arrange photos from your computer.

BookSmart is a practical way to create high quality books and it gives you plenty of freedom to let your creativity shine. You can work on your book projects while you are connected to internet or even when you are offline. Once you are ready playing with all the options that Blurb offers and you feel that your books is nearly ready, you can select “Book Preview” and see the pages without border lines and margin. This will help you to identify the parts of the book that may need to be edited. Once you are happy with the results, you can go on and complete your book.

There is also a Blurb plug-in that you can use with Adobe InDesign and upload the projects that you have created with this tool. If you are working with Adobe Lightroom, you can also rely on Blurb book creation tool without leaving Lightroom. Furthermore, if you have a photography book already in PDF format or a text file in any word processing program, you can upload it to Blurb and get your work ready to be shared with the world.

Is Blurb worth considering?
Blurb is a versatile and easy way to create a professional book, a magazine, or to make your photo albums unique. After creating your book, you will be able to sell it through the Blurb Marketplace or Amazon. Bear in mind that while you can download the software and avail of many of the great features that Blurb offers for free, you will need to order at least one copy of each book that you create. The pricing would vary and it is related to the number of pages, type of paper, or version that you choose. The quality of the book will depend on multiple factors, including the resolution of your images and the kind of version you select. But overall, you can expect a great result with Blurb’s features and dedicated support. If you have amazing images, enchanting stories and impressive information to share, turn them into a book with Blurb.

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