Bitdrop: A convenient app to share files anonymously

Even before Edward Snowden revealed classified information about the NSA’s operations, many users suspected that internet was being monitored. However, the documents leaked by the former US security analyst shocked the public opinion as they confirmed that anyone could be a target of the global surveillance program that government organizations have in place. Following these revelations, internet users around the world have become aware of the importance of protecting their privacy. Security and anonymity cannot be taken for granted and the use of tools that protect your data online has become a necessity for many people.

Transferring files is a common task for internet users but it is also one of the most vulnerable to security breaches since it would normally involves email clients that could be monitored and whose IPs could be easily tracked. Mobile device users are particularly exposed to security risks when they connect to internet using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Fortunately, there is a solution to transfer files anonymously and securely online and that is Bitdrop. Here is what this practical app can do to give you peace of mind while you share files online.

Bitdrop combines top security and the convenience of an iOS app that allows you to protect your information online thanks to a strong set of features. Once you install the app, all you need to do is to authenticate your iPhone using a QR code on Bitdrop’s website. Then you can start using the service right away as registration is not required. Furthermore, the receiver does not need to have the app installed in order to access the files you want to share with them. You can notify your contact about the availability of the file via chat, phone or email so that they can access it on the Bitdrop website using a download code. The app supports a wide selection of files including pictures, Word documents, videos and Excel spreadsheets of up to 25 MB. You can import photos from Camera Roll or use the built-in camera to capture videos or take pictures that are stored securely inside Bitdrop.

To enhance the security of this file transferring system, download links and codes expire after 24 hours and can only be used once. When your file expires or after it is downloaded, it will be instantly deleted from Bitdrop’s secure servers. You can also transfer files to your mobile device securely and easily. When you use Bitdrop, all your data is protected on your device with AES 256-bit encryption.

There is a Decoy mode that can keep you safe from eavesdropping as it uses an alternate Access Code that only displays items created using that mode. Another interesting option is the Nuke Access Code, which provides a special access code that wipes all app content silently once it is entered. Additionally, you can hide your existing contacts inside Bitdrop, meaning that their identity will be protected. Every function that Bitdrop offers is designed to ensure that your anonymity is safe and that your files can only be accessed by the intended recipient.


Bitdrop offers a strong service that allows iDevice users to protect their privacy while transferring files. Right from the start it is clear that Bitdrop is committed to offering a simple but highly secure option for users who are concerned about their privacy. Your right to anonymity is respected as no registration is required. The app also offers options to organize your files, making the sharing process easier. Bitdrop is free to download in the App Store but you can access additional features when you acquire the Premium version as in-app purchase for $3.99 USD. If you want to enhance the protection to your privacy while you share documents, Bitdrop is a convenient app that is worth considering.

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