BitCasa Review – Protect your digital life

BitcasaWe have the possibility of keeping some of the most important parts of our lives in digital form, including work related documents, family photos and videos of special occasions. This helps to make things more convenient as we can accumulate thousands of files without ever worrying about physical space. The data can be kept safe in our computers or stored in external drives, which allows us to carry it on the go. The problem is that information is still vulnerable when it is saved this way.

A computer can be stolen, or damaged during a catastrophic event and a external driver can be easily stolen. That is why it is advisable to look for alternative methods to secure your data. One of the best options to safeguard all the files that matter to you, is to use a cloud-based solution. You can find a wide range of providers in this industry, including popular names like BitCasa, which supports online backup and storage to provide a complete option. We will find out more about BitCasa in this review.

Getting Started
BitCasa was launched in 2011 and it quickly became incredibly popular thanks to its affordable unlimited storage offer. Unfortunately, the company stopped providing this option in 2014, claiming that the majority of its customers were only using a small percentage of space, while others were abusing the service. In the end, BitCasa decided that keeping up with the high costs of providing unlimited storage, wasn’t worth it. While the move wasn’t welcomed by many existing users and may have put off some people who intended to join the service, BitCasa still has many things on its favour and it should be considered as an option to keep your backed up data online and to store files safely in the cloud.

You can get a preview of BitCasa with the free plan, which gives you 5GB of space and support for up to 3 devices. While this plan offers limited features, it is a good way to discover how BitCasa works without committing to a full plan. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to Premium or Pro, the two paid options available. The Premium plan supports 1TB of backup space for up to 5 devices, for $10 per month or $99 per year, which brings the monthly price down to $8.25. BitCasa Pro is the next option available and it offers higher storage capacity. You get 10TB and support for up to 5 devices for $99 per month. If you decide to pay for a full year in advance, the cost is $999, which makes the monthly price just $83.25.

BitCasa may not offer unlimited storage capacity, but it still provides a lot of space and good value for money. After downloading the software, you will be able to enjoy BitCasa’s practical platform, which allows you to setup automatic backups and complete tasks with just one click. The interface provides an overview of all the important functions and quick access to performance reports, as well as online billing information. It is straightforward and allows you to take control over backups with great simplicity. BitCasa works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available.

How Does It Work
Ease of use is one of the main advantages of BitCasa and it is the reason why many users have chosen this service over its competitors. You can backup your files effortlessly thanks to a user-friendly interface that makes every step of the process very simple. After installing the program, you will be able to start backing up files, just by right-clicking them. In the BitCasa Drive folder, you will be able to see the backed up data, as well as the files that are being synced across your devices. Once you right-click and choose “Mirror”, the data selected will be backed up instantly. BitCasa is convenient and all the tasks that you need are very easy to find.

If you want to stop the backup process for a particular folder, you just need to right-click it and select the option to stop mirroring it, which will stop the backup instantly. Things run smoothly when you use BitCasa and that is what makes this service so appealing for users that want convenience above anything else. While your backup speed will depend on your computer and internet connection, BitCasa users can generally expect a service that is responsive and efficient. There are no file type restrictions and you can backup data continuously. Although there are no file size limits in the desktop version, the mobile and web platforms only support up to 2GB.

An option that deserves to be highlighted is “Favorite”, which allows you to get access to the files that you use the most, even if you are offline. With this feature you can mark files as favourites and store them locally on your hard-drive, as well as on the cloud. This means that you don’t need to rely on internet to be able to get access to your files. BitCasa also has an integrated player for the mobile and web versions, which lets you stream music and videos straight from the cloud, even if your device doesn’t support an specific file type.

It is important to keep in mind that BitCasa doesn’t support file versioning, meaning that it cannot be used as a solution to archive old versions of your files. When you stop mirroring a folder, you will not have the option to retrieve it through your account. While the data can still be found on your computer, once you exclude a folder from the mirroring process, it won’t be possible to get access to the files that have been backed up within that folder from your BitCasa account. To protect files during transfer and storage, BitCasa uses 256-bit AES encryption and they guarantee that only you will have access to your files.

Customer Support
As previously mentioned, BitCasa is very easy to use and you can enjoy a good experience from the start. In case you need help, you can rely on the Help centre, which includes a great deal of useful information and guides that take your through the features that the service offers. Paid customers can also get additional assistance via live chat and email.

BitCasa disappointed many customers when it stopped providing unlimited storage and the company’s reputation was heavily impacted by this decision. However, BitCasa has survived the controversy and has showed that its commitment to quality and ease of use remain strong. Compared to other providers, BitCasa is limited in terms of features and storage space, but if you are looking for simplicity and a well-designed software, they are still worth a look.

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