Top Word Processor Apps for your iPad

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One of the things that iPad users like about their device is its versatility. An iPad is not only great for watching movies, playing games, reading or enjoying your favourite apps. It can only turn into an efficient working tool when you have to be on the go. If you need to work on a document or presentation, you can carry the iPad with you and use it to get the job done. In order to let your iPad be the perfect companion when you need to prepare a report or edit a document, you need to get a keyboard accessory, as well as good word processor app. You can find many great options in the App Store and we have listed the most efficient ones.

QuickofficeQuickoffice was acquired by Google last year and it is now a free app that allows you to create and edit MS Office documents, including Excel spread sheets and PowerPoint presentations. It also works as a PDF reader. As expected, it supports Google Drive, giving you the possibility of saving your work there, availing of over 15GB of free storage space and letting you get easy access to your files from anywhere you are. Documents can also be saved in your iPad.

PagesApple offers a fantastic word processor for iPad with Pages, one of the top apps you can find. With Pages, you can change text styles and access others useful options easily. There are over 60n templates to choose from in order to create high quality documents. Pages woks with iCloud to allow you to share the document for real-time collaboration, which is perfect when you need to work with a colleague on the same report even when you are located in different areas. The document will be updated with any changes made by you or the other person. You can get Pages from the App Store for $9.99 ad while the price seems high, it is well worth it as this app is the best word processor that you can get for iPad.


iA Writer
iA WriteriA Writer is an easy, efficient, fast and reliable solution that works as a great word processor. It replaces the standard iOS keyboard with an customized typing interface that includes an additional row that allows you to enter special characters and Focus Mode, which puts emphasis on the current three lines, to let you concentrate in what you are currently typing to avoid confusion. There are no formatting settings to worry about and you can sync between your Apple devices and you also count with iCloud and Dropbox support to have your document easily available. iA Writer is available for $4.99.



Writer Pro
Writer ProIf you are willing to pay the price of an app that is more than a word processor, you can invest $19.99 in Writer Pro, another app from iA that offers a set of features designed to improve your writing style. The highlight of Writer Pro is without a doubt its ingenious Syntax Control feature. This goes through your text and points out any adjectives and adverbs it deems as superfluous, as well as weak verbs or repetitive nouns. It also allows you to organize better your writing workflow so that you can start taking notes, then move on to the writing part and finally the editing. It supports iCloud but not Dropbox, which can be an issue for many. If you don’t mind an app that dictates your writing and actually prefer the structure that Writer Pro can offer, it is a good option, even if it is price tag is considerably higher than others.


OmmWriterFor those looking for a simple and even relaxing word processor, OmmWriter appears to offer the right choice. It aims to help you focus on your writing by removing any distractions, even form its interface that is quite minimalistic. The only additions is the soothing music that plays in the background as you type, to help you relax and work better. If you find that you need to improve the atmosphere while you work and need a way to relieve from stress to focus on your writing, OmmWriter could be a solution for just $4.99.

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