Best Word Games Apps for IOS and Android

Word games have a strong fan base as they let you put your language skills to the test. Traditional word games such as hangman or crosswords are now available in the shape of apps that can keep you entertained while you are commuting to work or waiting for your appointment in the dentist appointment. There are many options available so we have created this list to let you know which ones deserve your attention. Most of them are free to download or at least offer a free trial, meaning that you can relax and enjoy the best wordgames without spending a cent.

Hangman Free
Who hasn’t enjoyed this popular game? It is probably the best word game to play no matter where you are because all you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Thanks to technology, hangman is now available as an app that lets you play against it, choosing the difficulty level or against a friend. When you play against a friend, you can enter player names and the system offers you clear game rules to ensure fair competition. Don’t worry if you have to stop playing all of the sudden because it remembers where you left off. However, you will only have about six or seven chances to guess letters to reveal the word so you will need to chose carefully. Hangman Free is available for iPhone and Android.


To get access to the full version of this iOS app, you would need to pay $3.99 but you can have fun with the free trial, at least for seven games. The trial is enough to allow you to enjoy the puzzles and to confirm if you want to pay for this entertaining acrostic challenge game. With Crostix, you will have the chance to reveal crossword-type clues as the letters of the answers are entered automatically into a bar that in the end will display a famous quote. There are hint options to assist you when you do not seem to find the solution. Once you solve the puzzle, you will see a short bio of the quote’s author and the satisfaction of knowing that your completed the game.

Wordjong Lite
The idea behind this top-rated game based in Mahjong is to form the best words you can, using the top layer of tiles available to you. The characters are charming, the sound effects quite amusing and the graphics are really good. Overall, this is an excellent game that offers the possibility of making really long words as you get a good number of letters. It will keep you entertained and keep your brain sharp for hours. It is available in iTunes for free.


In order to be able to play Moxie, you need to pay attention to the rules but they are not difficult and once you get them, you will be able to enjoy all the clever fun that this game can offer. There are three rows of five boxes and you will be given a letter each time, which has to be placed in a box. The idea is to make words that make sense within the boxes. Once you have created a word, you can make it longer by adding other letters. You can also swap the letters, making sure that they still form a meaningful word.

When you reach a point in which you cannot form a word after adding a letter, you will be stuck in what the game calls a “twaddle” and points will be deducted. There are ways of getting additional points, such as forming a word form the Moxie list, so make sure to take a look at them before playing as they will increase your score. Moxie is highly addictive as you keep hoping to get the right letter to create a word and win. Moxie is available for free in iTunes and we highly recommend you to download it for your iPhone or iPad.

This is a free multiplayer crossword game that lets you challenge friends and if you are really good, you can play up to 30 games at the same time. It is available for Android and iOS users so you can find your opponents across the millions of users of these two platforms. You can place words on the tile board and increase your score by putting your creativity to work while creating words and placing the letters on the Double Word, Double Letter, Triple Letter and Triple Word tiles. The app uses dictionaries for multiple languages including Finnish, Spanish, Norwegian and German. You can also chat with other players.

Word Flow
Word Flow by 3VGames is a word find game for iOS devices that will allow you to put your vocabulary to the test. You will be presented with slide rows and columns of letters to create as many words as you can while the clock is ticking. You can choose one minute to ten minute games. Each level offers a different category of words that you have to find and each letter on the board can only be used once. You can connect the letters in multiple ways to create a word, the longer the word, the higher the score. It is a great way to keep your brain sharp and have fun while you have some time to spare. It is currently free in iTunes but the usual price of $0.99 won’t break the bank either.

Alexia will get you hooked from the moment you start playing it. All you need to do is use the letters within the falling bubbles to create words. The words need to be formed as fast as you can to avoid that the bubbles get accumulated. You will lose the game if a bubble hits the black and orange danger zone, so you will experience a similar tension as you would with Tetris. It is quite simple but enough to keep you engaged for hours. Alexia is available for free for iOS devices.

Word With Friends
This is one of the most enjoyable word games that you can find. You can play this scrabble-like game with your friends on Facebook and your followers in Twitter. Apart from your social networking contacts, you can also invite other app users to play and enjoy this social gaming experience. You can also play up to 20 games simultaneously and you will get notifications to let you know when it’s your turn so you will not have to keep an eye on each game.

You can also chat with your opponent during the game, which adds fun to the gaming experience. The only downside of the free version is that it spams you with ads that take over the screen every time you have a turn, which can be very annoying. If you really love this game and want to enjoy it free from ads and packed with other features, you may want to consider to upgrade for $4.99. Still, the free version is god enough to have a but of fun with your friends online.

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