Best Wireless Hard Drives for Expanding your Tablet

Sometimes your PC is not enough to store your files and this is when hard drives become a convenient alternative as they can have extra space to keep your data.  Creating, editing and storing files in your PC or tablet is the most common way of handling your data. Tablets are very popular nowadays as they offer a convenient to work on documents such as presentations and papers and they also allow you to take good quality photos. However, it is important to keep in mind that your laptop or desktop, as well as your tablet can be damaged or lost and that is why you need to count with an additional option to protect your files. You may use a cloud storage service to save your photos and videos but if you want to ensure that all the media files created using your tablet are protected, you are better off using a wireless hard drive as an additional preventive measure.

Wireless hard drives overview

Wireless hard drives allow you to backup your files and will also give you additional storage capacity for your device. This is specially important when it comes to tablets as they offer a lower storage space, which normally ranges between 16Gb to 64GB. There are some wireless hard drives that work with flash memory, which are more resistant but those that use internal 2.5-inch platter hard drives provide a larger storage capacity. A wireless drive is very useful when you want to bring a large amount of data with you when you travel and you can also sync the drive with your PC over a wireless or USB connection. There are different types of wireless hard drives available and we tested a variety of options in order to give you a better idea of which device suits your needs better.

You will find wireless drives that use flash memory, which are quite resistant and practical and some others that work with standard 2.5 -inch platter internal hard drives and that offer a better value as they provide a higher storage capacity for the price you pay. The best wireless hard drives available in the market cover all the options and requirements that users may look for in these devices. The Kingston Wi-Drive and the SanDisk Connect Wireless employ flash memory and their prices increase if you want to upgrade to a higher storage space. In spite of the fact that they do not offer as much storage space for the price you pay when compared to standard platter hard drives, they are practical to carry around and durable.

For those that want hard drives that will extend the storage space of their PCs, the Wireless Plus from Seagate and the La Cie Fuel are good choices that offer convenience, thanks to their battery that suits portability. These two drives will also allow you to continue enjoying your internet connection while you are using the drive functions. With the Seagate drive, you can also share your connection with multiple devices. If you already have a good spare laptop drive, you can opt for the DYI Patriot Gauntlet Node. It is essentially a wireless drive frame that works similarly to Seagate devices but if you want to have a drive suited to your needs, using your one SATA-interface core, this could be a viable alternative.

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