Best Watermarking Apps for iOS

Watermarking is used by many professional photographers, companies and artists as a way to sign their work and prevent its unauthorized use. While that will not always stop someone from copying the images or posting them on a website, it makes it more difficult since the watermark will display the name or logo of the owner of the image. There are many software programs that allow you to watermark when you are using your PC, but if you need a solution that allows you to watermark using your iDevices, you can try one of the below apps.


iWatermarkConsidered by many as the best watermarking app available, iWaterwark by Plum Amazing software offers a simple, yet comprehensive solution for anyone that needs to protect their photos. It allows you to add a text, logo, signature or QR watermark to your images, letting others know that they have been created by you. Apart from marking an image to display your ownership, you can also add contact details, captions or other graphics. iWatermark works with iOS 6.1 up to the new iOS 8 and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Some of the features included are scale, size and position adjustments, as well as option to rotate and create multiple watermarks at once. You can download iWatermark for $1.99.


PhotoMarksBits & Coffee offers a great watermarking solution for iPhone/iPad users that want to add their logo/signature to their images or annotate them. This powerful and easy to use app allows you to personalize the way your text and logo look and it offers many useful features. With PhotoMarks you can ensure the quality of your images, as they can be exported in full resolution. You can also add multiple layers of text and logo, adjust the transparency and add effects to the text or watermark. PhotoMarks costs $1.99 and offers great editing options as well.



MarkstaTired of having his images used without getting any credit, photo journalist John D. McHugh partnered with developers to create Marksta. This app got instant recognition for its rich features and solid performance. With Marksta you can watermark your graphic work, adding text or your logo. You can share your images on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with the confidence of knowing that your copyright information is included. Marksta allows you to add multiple lines of text, including special symbols. You can also adjust the font and colour of the text or logo and customize the border. The price for Marksta is $1.99.


ImpressionThis app from Blue Crowbar is another solid solution to add quality watermarks to your images, without altering them. You can select the position for the watermark within the image, dragging it to the place of your choice. It is also possible to rotate and resize the watermark and you can add any text, as well as a copyright symbol. There are multiple fonts to use and you can also adjust the colour and brightness. Impression is available for $1.99.


A+ Signature

A SignatureA+ Signature by Pixtolab Technologies is a multi-functional app that allows you to add notes on any image to protect your copyrighted work or to create cards for friends and family, using your photos. It is a simple and fun way to customize your photos adding captions or your own signature. It combines text and tools for hand drawing so you have more options to personalize your images. You can also share your photos through social media websites with A+ Signature, which you can download for $1.99.


PhotoMarkrUnlike the rest of the apps in our list, PhotoMarkr by Imangi Studios is a free app and while its features are very basic, it is still a convenient way to watermark your images. PhotoMakr allows you to create watermarks from text or use a custom watermark such as a logo. You can select the position of the watermark within the image and rotate it. PhotoMakr works with iOS 3 and above.

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