Best Underrated Apps for iPhone

It is safe to say that if you checked the apps for every iPhone user, you will find that at least 9 out of 10 would have already downloaded the most popular options. We are talking about Angry Birds, Spotify, Twitter and Facebook. While many of us would spend most of the time using these well-known options, it is important to remember that there is a whole wide world of amazing apps out there. If you take the time to browse through the App Store and look beyond the popular apps, you will see that there is a great selection of impressive software waiting for you to discover. You may have not heard about the apps in our list but if you give them a try, you will probably wonder how could you spend all this time without them.



This app allows you to create a truly personalized experience when you are using your iPhone. Iconical is available for just $1.99 and it gives you the option to set up customized icons for all the apps in your iPhone. You can create shortcuts in your main screen to make your favourite apps available with just one tap.


Last Time

It does not matter if we have too much on our plate or if we are simply forgetful, sometimes we fail to remember special occasions like anniversaries or important appointments. Fortunately, you can rely on Last Time to remind you of any important dates. Its easy to use interface allows you to keep track of recurring events such as birthdays or medical appointments to make sure that you don’t ever miss them. Last Time can be downloaded for just $1.99.



This free app is the ideal assistant for busy people who are constantly on the go. TalkTo allows you to do anything from booking doctor appointments, making reservations for a restaurant and much more. Users in Canada and the United States can count with the convenience of accessing the services and products from a large selection of businesses through this app. It’s hassle-free and easy to use, making sure that even those with the most hectic lifestyles enjoy the benefit of this functional business tool.



This free app allows you to connect your financials to track your expenses and it even lets you organize them in categories. With LearnVest you can effectively manage your budget by understanding better how you are spending your money. It is a very useful app to keep your money under control.


Sleep Time

Sleeping well is crucial for our health. That is why Sleep Time can be one of the most important apps to have in your iPhone. It uses your device’s accelerometer to monitor your movement while you sleep on order to identify the sleep phase you are going through. Sleep Time can provide a soundscape that helps you to get a good sleep and it syncs the alarm with your sleep cycle to ensure that it wakes you at the right time. It even includes an Instant Heart meter to measure your pulse when you wake up. The price to download Sleep Time is $1.99.


We all know that internet is the most used source of information and communication and thanks to Jelly, you can count on the help of other users to get answers to your questions in an easy and fun way. You can interact with other users in the Jelly community by sharing an image and asking them a question related to it. For example, you can ask about the name of a statue that you photographed while being abroad and someone will get back to you with the answer. You can download Jelly for free.



Traveling is an amazing experience but if you do not know how to communicate in the language spoken in the country you are visiting, it can be also an embarrassing one. CamDictionary is the app that will rescue you when you are trying to order food in a restaurant for example. All you have to do is to hover your iPhone’s camera over the menu (or any text that you wish to translate) an it will translate the content for you. CamDictionary costs $4.99 and it includes Collins dictionaries for over 16 languages including Russian, Japanese and German. A must have for avid travellers and those who are interested in learning other languages.



We mentioned apps that are ideal for travelling but with Wikitude, you will realize that there is still a lot to be discovered in the place where you live. Wikitude is available for free and it uses your device’s camera to capture information about restaurants, bars and other places of interest in your city. You can even select your own settings to get only the data that interests you, for example the best restaurants or free events in your area.



Snapguide is an amazing app that offers you some of the best tutorials to learn or practice different skills. You can browse by category and find the step by step guides that will teach you anything from baking a delicious chocolate cake to playing a classic rock song in your guitar. It is easy to use and you can also create your own tutorial. All for free.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is not your average weather forecasting app. It uses advanced technology to offer accurate weather predictions every minute and not just hourly. If you are located in an area that is prone to heavy rains or even storms, you will find this app extremely useful as it tells you exactly when it’s going to rain or the direction of a storm. Dark Sky also features global maps and is available for $3.99.


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