Best Twitter Apps for iPhone (iOS7)

The popularity of Twitters keeps growing. This successful social media website is not only a great place to interact with people or to get updates from your favourite band or artist. It also allows you to find out what is going around in the world and how people are reacting on real time. In summary, Twitter is where it’s at and that is why, it is one of the must-have apps for your iPhone or iPad. Regardless of how you use Twitter, there are many options that you would like to enjoy and that may not be available in Twitter’s app. Even though the social networking site does not officially support third-party apps, users that want to get tailored functions will be able to find solutions that can enhance their Twitter experience. You can find great options in Apple’s App Store that will allow you to suit Twitter to your needs. We give you a list of the best apps available for iOS 7 that complement Twitter and that offer great options for all kinds of users.

Of course, in order to enjoy the interaction and updates from your favourite social media network, you need the official Twitter app. This app continues changing and adapting to the revamp of design and settings of the website. You can see the main information such as interactions, followers and posts that have been retweeted or favorited. Twitter for iOS offers a good design and with every version it aims to offer a better experience for users. You can download the Twitter app for free.

Twitterific 5
This app from The Iconfactory was the original Twitter client for iOS and thanks to its solid features and beautiful interface, it still is one of the top options available. Using Twitterific is simple and you will be able to manage your activity on Twitter without any complications thanks to the unified timeline. You can access direct messages and check interactions from the same area and you can customize your view. Its intuitive gesture functions allow you to reply fast to tweets or even change to a another account easily. Twitterific offers translation of tweets to your language and VoiceOver support, which ensure that any user can enjoy Twitter without restrictions. You can download Twitterific for free but options like removing ads and using Tweet translation are available as In-app purchases starting from $1.99. It is possible to get all the features for $3.99.

Tweet7 does not exactly impress when it comes to features. It lacks push notifications, option to edit your lists and support for languages that are written from right to left. However, its simplicity make it a convenient and easy to use Twitter client that helps you to manage effectively your interactions. With Tweet7, you only need one button on your screen to access your profile, mentions and messages. You just need to slide through each option from the side of the screen. Thanks to Tweet7 you can enjoy a simplified Twitter experience that keeps the important information easily available. You can get it for $2.99 from the App Store.

Twittelator Neue
This Twitter client offers an efficient, speedy and reliable interface that also looks great. The quality of Twittelator from Big Stone Phone is evident throughout its features which include SimulTweet, an option that allows you to send a Tweet from all your accounts simultaneously. Managing lists and media content that appears in your timeline is also simple and the app also offers push notifications. You can find hashtags, photos and tweets in the same view and you can also customize the font and enhance the details of your tweets. Twittelator Neue is available for $4.99.

Tweetbot 3
Tapbots offers a revamped version of Tweetbot for iOS 7 and even though the appearance has changed, its core features such as list support, option to edit profiles and push notifications remain the same. There are also new additions including swipe capacities to enhance ease of use and help you to make your Twitter experience simpler. You can browse images through your timeline easily thanks the media view. There are also options to remove from your timeline ads, hashtags or messages from other users without unfollowing them. With Tweetbot 3, you get a more stylish app that suits iOS 7 perfectly, without leaving behind any of the features that make this a useful app to manage your Twitter lists and media. Tweetbot 3 fro iOS7 is available for $4.99.

Speed is what makes Echofon stand out but it is not the only advantage of using this app from Ubermedia Inc. This free app also offers push notifications, option to access all your Twitter accounts at the same time and option to mute specific users or hashtags from your timeline. You can even extend the amount of characters and tweet beyond the 140 limit. Echofon’s interface is clear and practical, allowing you to manage your Twitter interactions easily. There is a free version but you can also avail of all its features with Echofon Pro, available from the App Store for $4.99.

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