Best Self-Defence iPhone Apps for Personal Security

It is amazing what technology can do, and the iPhone is the perfect example of how a gadget can have a significant impact in our lives. It is estimated that there are over one million apps available in the App Store and they cover a wide variety of categories. There are not only apps that are extremely funny but also apps designed to help you with work-related tasks. A visit to the App Store will confirm that there are apps for anything indeed. If you need it or want it, you can get an app that will suit you. One of the categories that app developers have addressed is personal security. With the right apps, you can turn your iPhone into a tool to protect yourself. It is important to stay safe and no matter where you live, there would always be risks to our security, which is why these apps can be very useful. In some cases, it may be difficult to trigger the alert but if you keep your iPhone handy, these apps are set to be easily accessible and easy to use. We present you a list of SOS apps that can help you in a dangerous situation.

SOS iEmergency
In a moment of crisis, it is very difficult to stay calm and to react on time. Many people get paralyzed by fear and tasks like calling emergency services became challenging. That is why SOS iEmergency is such a helpful app because it will take care of contacting the police, medical services and fire brigades, all you would need to do is to press the alarm button. The app will send an SMS and email with your GPS coordinates to a pre-established email and number of your choice, as well as emergency services. You can set up the contact details according to your location. This app can save lives and it only costs $1.99

Attack Alarm SMS
Attack Alarm SMS is a free and simplified version of SOS alarm. It also allows you to alert your previously established contacts in case of emergency, while emitting an alarm sound. All you need to do is to press the giant red button associated to the app.

SafeSnapp does not only serve as an alarm but will also allow you to get quick snaps of the thief or attacker, which will then be sent to a pre-set number. It also works with GPS location which will allow your pre-set contact and the police to find your whereabouts and trace the assailant. The information is forwarded to your email address and also to your pre-set emergency contact. It is also saved on their servers for future access. You can get it for $3.99.

Send Help! – Emergency Panic Button
This free app will also allow you to send an SOS by pressing a button on your iPhone. This will prompt an emergency SMS and an email to a number and email address that you have previously selected. You can also share details of your location in your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will allow your friends to alert the authorities and go to your rescue.

SafeTrek is simple, discreet and effective. If you are walking a dark area or feel that you are being followed, press the safe button until you reach a safe area. If something bad happens, release the button and an SOS with your exact location will be sent to your local emergency services. You can cancel the alert by entering a 4-digt pin. You can get this app for free in the App Store.

My Panic Alarm
If you are in a public place and fear for your personal security, you can use this app to get the attention of passers by. Simply open the app and tap the alarm button to ask for help. The alarm works with a loud alert sound and also with flashing lights that will also get attention in dark places. You can get this app from Tecworks for $0.99.

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