Top Scientific Calculators

For Science and Engineering students, a regular calculator is not enough as they require to solve complex problems and get data that is not supported by a standard device. This is why anyone that requires a more complete instrument would have to opt for a Scientific calculator. There are different models available and each of them offers a varied set of features to ensure that you are able to make advanced calculations. We present some of the best Scientific calculators that will suit students and professionals.

Texas Instruments TI 30Xa

Texas Instruments TI 30Xa scientific calculatorFor users that require a solid calculator with essential features and a low price, this is the ideal option. It is one of the most popular options against college students thanks to its simplicity and basic features that are ideal for exams. It works well for logarithms, factorials, root and trigonometric functions. It supports degrees, radians, grads, rectangular and polar conversions and single varied statistics. For less than $10 you can get this calculator that is ideal for Pre-Algebra, General Maths and Trigonometry.


Casio fx- 115MS

Casio fx- 115MSWith over 300 functions and advanced features, this calculator offers a great alternative for higher education students. It has a beautiful, comfortable to use design and comes with a large 2-line display that supports complex calculations. It is idea for Algebra equations thanks to its S.V.P.A.M (Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method) and a practical Replay function that simplifies the calculating task for you. It works with battery and is also solar powered when the light conditions are enough to enable this option. Even though it will not work for mathematical notations such as RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), it still offers great value for just $15.99.

Texas Instruments TI 36 Pro

Texas Instruments TI 36 ProThis calculator offers anything a college student would need and is also a good option for professionals. It is suitable for Physics, Computer Science, Trigonometry and more. Its 4- line, 16-digit LCD display with MultiView lets you see multiple calculations simultaneously on screen. You can select degrees/radians, floating/fix and number format modes and choose between numeric equations, polynomial and system of linear equations. This is a reliable device that supports complex calculation and that offers durability. It works with solar power when the light conditions are sufficient. The price is also very good at just $19.95.

Texas Instruments 303 MultiView Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments 303 MultiView Scientific CalculatorIf you need an easy to use calculator that supports advanced options, this popular device can offer a great solution thanks to its affordability and convenience. It has a satisfying performance and speed along with a practical and appealing design. Its MultiView display lets you view four lines of data on the screen and get fraction details and equations just as the look in the textbook. It is possible to enter data of multiple calculations and see all the results on the same screen, making things easier for you. The data list editor can be used to input statistical data for up to two variable analysis. While the Texas Instruments 303 may not be the most complete option and does not support highly advanced options, it offers strong versatility. The price for this calculator starts at $19.99.

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

HP 35s Scientific CalculatorA slim, lightweight design are the first thing to notice about this calculator but once you start using it, you will understand that its performance is the main reason why this is one of the favourite options for college students. It includes over 100 functions, has a 2-line display and supports RPN, linear regression, single/two variable statistics and more, making it a great solution for engineers and medical professionals as well. With its comprehensive selection of features and advanced functions along with a convenient price that is just under $50 (on, this can be a very powerful Scientific Calculator option.

HP 50g Graphing Scientific Calculator

HP 50g Graphing Scientific CalculatorA large, bright display in a compact, stylish design and the fact that its a graphing calculator with RPN logic make the HP 50g stand out from other devices. This calculator offers an impressive total of 2300 functions. It supports vector operations, graphic, statistical and electronic specifications. It is a high quality scientific calculator that includes a SD slot to expand its already great 2.5 B of capacity. This is one of the most comprehensive options available in the market and you can get it for $129.99, or get a great deal in Amazon for just $74.99.

Texas Instruments TI 83 Plus Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI 83 Plus Graphing CalculatorWhen it comes to finding a complete solution for any mathematical requirements, the TI 83 is the ideal choice. It works great for trigonometry, calculus and counts with advanced financial and engineering functions, including hypothesis testing and calculation of confidence intervals. It also allows you to view graphs and tablets on its large 64×96 LCD display which counts with a high resolution for a clear and sharp image. It is one of the preferred options for professionals but it is also popular amongst college students. The price for this calculator is between $89 and $149.

Texas Instruments Voyage 200

Texas Instruments Voyage 200Texas Instruments delivers a really unique product with the Voyage 200. This powerful calculator allows you to solve advanced mathematical challenges and even though, the instructions and manual included could be improved, using it will not be difficult, thanks to the intuitive icon desktop you will be able to navigate and organize its functions. It has a QWERTY keyboard for typing and it accepts StudyCards for History and languages. There are pre-installed applications such as Sketchpad. If you are willing to make a high investment (the calculator costs around $180), you can get a complete and great device.

Texas Instruments TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator

ti84For many, the Texas Instruments TI 84 is the ultimate scientific calculator available. Apart from being able to handle advanced engineering, calculus, trigonometric and financial functions, it offers USB technology that allows you to share your files with other calculators and to connect to PCs and even mobile devices. It comes with 12 pre-loaded apps including Probably Simulator and Geometry app Cabri Jr. Unlike other options, it cannot be powered with solar energy and only operates with batteries. Also, the price may put off some people as it can go up to $189.

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