Best Projectors for iPad

Preparation and content are essential parts of any presentation, but the success of your speech doesn’t depend only on using the right words. Using visual aids effectively can make sure that your audience is engaged and that your presentation stands out. That is why having the right equipment can truly help you to deliver a great presentation. One of the best devices that you can use to bring life to your presentations is the iPad. It is not only very convenient to carry while on the go, but it also offers powerful features that allow you complete a wide range of tasks. With the right projector, you can deliver compelling presentations, or turn your iPad into a portable cinema.

Why should you get an iPad projector
An iPad projector can be useful in many situations and it enables you to bring out the full potential of your Apple device as an unmatched tool for creating and sharing content anywhere you are. With the help of the Keynote app, you can support your ideas with unique images and graphics to make your presentations memorable. The combination of the iPad and a mini projector offers convenience and high performance. Having your iPad handy means that you can use the mini projector and enjoy its full capacity without the need of a heavy laptop.

Getting a mini projector for your iPad is not only a practical solution for your presentations and slideshows, but it will also allow you to get the most out of the device’s media features. While the iPad lets you bring your collection of movies, photos and videos with you and access all the content you want while on the go, the mini projector will give you the possibility of sharing the content as you can project it onto a flat surface and watch it in the company of friends, family or colleagues.

There is a good selection of mini-projectors that are easy to carry and that can help iPad users to bring their presentations, photos or videos to a large screen. Many projectors are designed to display content with high resolution, so you can enjoy all your media files without worrying about the quality of the projection. To help you take advantage of all the capacity and presentation solutions that your iPad offers, we will check the top projectors available for iPad, to help you find the right option for you. Here is a list of the best iPad projectors that you can choose from.

AAXA M2 Pico/Micro Projector
aaxaIf you are looking for outstanding resolution and ease of use, you can rely on AAXA Technologies‘ M2, a fantastic lightweight and top performance option that is considered by many as the best mini projector available. The device offers all the features and functions that you need from a projector of its kind. The M2 Micro Projector will help you to ensure that your presentations and movies have great image quality and brightness. It includes a speaker, SD card slot that can handle high capacity cards and 1GB of internal memory. You can enjoy the M2’s stunning image and great convenience for about $400 USD.

BenQ Joybee GP2 iPhone/iPod/iPad Projector
benqBenQ has designed a versatile mini projector for iOS devices that offers impressively clear image and smart functionality. You can carry the GP2 around conveniently and enjoy its high performance at work, at your school, at home, or anywhere you go. Compact, cool and lightweight, this mini projector also has 2W speakers to provide great sound. Thanks to its amazing audio system, you can leave the G2 in the Standby mode and use it as a portable speaker. At $599  it is one of the most expensive options available, but it is worth the price.

Acer K11
acer k11The Acer K11 may be heavier than other mini projectors, but the weight is justified as it offers an incredibly bright and clear image. This mini projector has 200 ANSI lumens, which ensures exceptional brightness. The Acer K11 stands for great image quality, resolution and compatibility, making it one of the most complete solutions that you can get. You can also expect great durability and a convenient set of features and accessories. It comes with a practical remote that allows you to change options easily and a useful menu of options. The K11 is available for around $400 USD.

WowWee Cinemin Swivel Portable Multimedia Mini Projector
chemin swivelWowWee has made sure that this projector stands out thanks to a design that is quite appealing and interesting. The projector is designed for iPad and iPhone and it offers an adjustable 90 degree hinge function that allows ceiling projection. It provides great resolution, built-in speaker, convenience and portability for around $300 USD. It is set to get everyone’s attention from the start.



Special mentions
MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Mini Projector
Even though this small projector from MicroVision has been discontinued, it deserves a special mention due to its great performance and convenience. This laser pico projector was recognized for offering great portability, laser projection and good value for money. It included all the necessary accessories and it would fit inside your pocket.

Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector
Another great option that is unfortunately out of production is the Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector. Although the PK301 is no longer available for sale on Optoma’s website, you can still find it on Amazon for a price that ranges between $295 and $599 USD. This pocket projector offers great durability, solid performance, extensive compatibility and a lightweight design. The flexibility that this projector offers and its compact design, still make it a top choice.

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