The Best Portable Chargers Available

Man holding phone and charging it with battery packA portable charger is a nifty little gadget to have around. Quick charge, no need for wires, and your phone can last for hours on end even if you aren’t nearby to an outlet.

So which are the best portable chargers available for your phone? Consider some of these options when searching for the best portable chargers in terms of quality, durability, and ease (quickness) of charge.

Mophie Powerstation XL

Not the most portable of chargers but one of the longest lasting charges you are going to get.

It houses a 12,000 mAh battery so for longer trips or longer charges (in a shorter time) this is it.

You can charge 2 iPads simultaneously or up to 8 smart phones on a single charge.

With 2 USB cables it is quick, easy, and is going to provide the juice your devices need in no time at all.

FluxMob Bolt

Far smaller than the XL it is in fact the world’s smallest portable charger making it ideal for those who love to carry around little weight and need a quick charge.

This nifty little device has a 3,000 mAh battery, indicator lights to let you know when it is full, no need for cables or recharging, and fold out ports.

Small, portable, with a relatively quick charge this very tiny unit provides a powerful charge from nearly anywhere.

Astro 3 w/Power IQ

The Power IQ technology makes this one of the smallest portable chargers out there while delivering quite a bit of power when connected to a wall for you to get that quick charge you so desire. It can identify the specific device you plug in and will automatically adjust the charge time and power required to charge it.

Not only small and portable, the IQ technology is quite intuitive meaning your devices are charged faster, they are going to hold a charge for a longer period of time, and you don’t have to sit around all day long waiting for your phone or tablet to charge up.

Fuel Micro Charger

In 20 to 30 minutes you can get a nearly full charge with most smart phones. A 220 mAh battery, 2 USB ports, and a durable aluminium frame make it extremely portable. As a matter of fact, it is so small and portable it can fit right onto your keychain allowing you to carry it with you virtually anywhere you have to take it.

If you are always on the go, don’t want to carry around dozens of wires, and need a quick charge a portable battery is the way to go. With many to sort out and compare which one should you ultimately invest in? These are a few of the options to consider and some of the best, most affordable, and fastest charging options available for both Android and Apple users alike who need a portable charger for phones (or for tablet use).

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