Best Podcast Apps for your iPhone

Once you update your iPhone from iOS 4 to iOS 5 or above, the audio player will be all about the music. This means that if you prefer to listen to podcasts and get a great audio quality for videos, you will need to look for alternatives. Fortunately, there are great options to choose from when it comes to iPhone podcast apps. This is a list of the five best apps to enjoy podcasts in your iPhone with top quality.

Audiobook & Podcast Player

Audiobook & Podcast PlayerThis app is ideal for listening to audiobooks. It features easy customer navigation and a “bookmark” that will automatically remember the part of the book where you left off.  Audiobook & Podcast Player offers unique options such as the Sleep Timer, which will stop the player after a certain time of inactivity and the Time Travel option that is an easy way to select a particular moment in the past and get back to what you were listening to back then. You can download Audiobook & Podcast Player and test it for free for two days. After that, if you wish to continue enjoying all the benefits of this app, you will need to pay $2.99.


InstacastInstacast is an app that is focused in providing you the best experience when you watch videos and listen to audio podcasts. It allows you to browse shows, subscribe to them and  get notification of new podcasts. You can stream and download episodes using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. You can even watch episodes offline once you have fully download them. With Instacast, you get additional information about the shows, including related links, notes and comments. You also have the option of playing back or skipping and you can use other apps while you listen to a podcast. Instacast is available for just $1.99.


icatcherIf you wish to create personalized podcast playlists and be able to use keywords in order to filter your downloaded podcasts in an easy way. You can keep downloaded episodes of a podcast in your phone even if you have unsubscribed.  iCatcher!  also offers variable speed, sleep timer, which will pause the player during times of inactivity and you can also access feeds that require password. Get this app for $1.99.


podcasterPodcaster is specifically designed to give listeners a wide range of options so that they get the best out of their favourite podcasts. Users can enjoy variable speed payback, selection of chapters and the possibility of skipping ads. With Podcaster, there is no limit in the size of podcast that you can download using 3G and its system will automatically restart downloading any podcasts that are half-completed once your connection is restored.  The Host View option allows you to get additional information about the show’s host such as links to their website of social media profiles.

Pocket Casts

podcastsFor a truly user friendly experience, try Pocket Casts, an app that keeps track of your subscribed feeds and downloads new episodes automatically. Pocket Casts also allows you to create playlists and  share podcasts with your friends, as well as streaming and downloading podcasts without size restrictions. Enjoy Pocket Casts for $1.99.

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