Best PDF Editors for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Editing PDF files is a very useful feature but unfortunately there is only a handful of software packages that offer this option and they tend to be very expensive. Most users only require to make notes, highlight certain paragraphs in a document or make a few changes. Therefore, paying a high price for an editor would not be justified.

The good news is that there is a great selection of apps that are available for free or that only cost a fraction of the price of a full software package for managing PDF documents. We will present you the best solutions for Mac, as well as great options that you can use with iPad and iPhone.

Best PDF Editors for Mac


PDFEscape offers a good alternative solution for text editing. It is an online editor that you can use for free to manage a PDF document. In order to work with PDFEscape, you will need to upload the file from your Mac and then you can start making the necessary modifications.


This is a free, open-source PDF reader that has become the preferred option for many users. It serves as a research tool, thanks to a good selection of features. Skim is very similar to Preview and works in the same way, allowing you to highlight text, make notes or include comments in a PDF document. It is an easy to use solution if you only need these functions.


Preview continues evolving and offering a stronger performance. It is included in Mac and it stands out for offering the possibility of adding images, notes and highlighting text in a PDF document. Even though it is not a comprehensive PDF editing solution, as it does not allow you to modify the entire file and you only have limited options to notate or highlight, it will be a handy tool when you need to combine files.

Best PDF Editors for iPad and iPhone

When it comes to solutions suitable for your iPad and iPhone, there is a limited amount of options that will allow you edit PDF files. However, you will able to find some apps that will allow you to read and make notes in PDF documents for a cost.

Good Reader

This app stands out for providing an impressive set of features that will allow you to manage PDF files in your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. With Good Reader, you will be able to reorganize, delete or extract pages from a PDF document. You can also combine documents and send individual pages via email. The usual price for Good Reader is $2.99 but for a limited time, you can get it at the moment for just $0.99 from the App Store.

PDF Expert

If you need advanced editing options, you can invest in PDF Expert, an app that for $9.99, allows you to fill or edit forms created in Adobe Acrobat. You can also add comments, highlight text in scanned documents or add handwritten notes. PDF Expert also gives you the chance to protect your documents with a password and with the Text to Speech feature, you can turn your documents into audio files that you can listen to whenever you need to. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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