Best Multiplayer iOS Games for iPad and iPhone

best multiplayer iOS games

Playing games on your mobile device can be quite an engaging experience, one that can keep you entertained for hours.

There are many situations in which there is no better company than a good game such as waiting at the airport before your flight or while on a layover or sitting on the bus or train during a long commute.

However, mobile gaming can end up isolating you. If you are an avid gamer but also want to keep your social life active, there is a practical way to enjoy your passion for playing while spending time with your friends.

Simply combine the best multiplayer games with the lightness and convenience of your iPad or iPhone, and you will be able to share the fun with others.

We present you with some of the best multiplayer iOS games that allow you to enjoy a great gaming session with your friends.


This is a great game to break the ice at a party.

Multiponk, by Fingerlab, can be enjoyed with up to four players at a time (for iPad users or two players if you have an iPhone/iPod), and it is entertaining and straightforward.

You need to control a paddle with your finger, direct the ball towards your opponents to take them out of the game, and defeat the traps to achieve victory.

The graphics and responsiveness are what make this game addictive and quite fun. It is available for $2.99.


Fans of speed will love this unique game created by RedLynx.

This new version of the successful DrawRace offers a new set of features and tracks that make it even more enjoyable. There is a turbo button that can give you a decisive advantage over your opponents.

To play, you draw the racing line to start your car and watch as it speeds through the track. The detailed car visuals, beautiful models, and impressive 3D tracks make this game a thrilling experience.

You can get it for $2.99, with multiple in-app purchases options to enhance the game.

Bloop – Tabletop Finger Frenzy

Bloop is straightforward to play, but it is that characteristic that makes it a great gaming option to share with your friends.

All you need to do is to tap tiles on the screen that vanish fast and change color randomly.

The game becomes interesting when two or more players (up to four) battle to tap more tiles than their opponents, as the squares continue disappearing and becoming smaller.

Be prepared for a frenetic gaming experience that will bring out the competitive spirit of everyone involved. Get Bloop for $2.99.

Neuroshima Hex

This post-apocalyptic board game allows up to 4 players to control an army that fights for survival in a world devastated by war.

There are four factions to choose from, each of them with different backgrounds and strengths. It is a very entertaining option that will put your strategy skills to the test.

Neuroshima Hex is available from the App Store for $4.99, and there are also in-app purchases from $1.99.

Worms 3

The award-winning Worms 3 is still one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences available.

You and your friends can take turns around the iPhone’s display to show your skills in worm battles.

You can create your team from a selection of worms (from Scientist to Soldier) that could bring you to victory, according to its abilities.

Worms 3 offers a wide range of features that enhance the multiplayer option, including an AirPlay feature. It allows you to play on one device with a maximum of four players on the big screen by connecting to Apple TV.

You can download Worms 3 for $4.99.

Ticket to Ride

This is a fast and stunningly designed train game that guarantees a great multiplayer experience.

You can use the pass-to-play option for to up to five players and collect sets of cards that will allow you to claim routes on the map.

It is also possible to play against other users online whenever you want, and if you play your cards right, you can make it into the Hall of Fame.

Ticket to Ride doesn’t come cheap at $6.99, but its beautiful art-work and the great entertainment that it offers are well worth it.

There are additional maps available as in-app purchases from $0.99.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Instead of competing against each other, this game will require players to work as a team to succeed.

The scenario is a world ravaged by diseases, and your team’s mission is to cure them all before it’s too late.

Each team member counts with unique abilities, and you need to combine efforts to control the outbreaks and find cures to save humankind.

Pandemic is an excellent adaptation from the board game. It is well designed, and even though it can be played solo, it is much more enjoyable when you collaborate with your friends.

Download it from Apple’s App Store for $6.99.

Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow

Drive on Moscow offers a remarkable gaming experience that takes you through a fantastic recreation of crucial battles of World War II.

This strategy game from Shenandoah Studio gives you the chance to showcase your strategy abilities as you lead your troops in a campaign to capture or defend territory.

Apart from facing enemy troops, you will need to overcome massive distances and extreme weather conditions.

Drive on Moscow offers a turn-based gameplay and a top-rated design.

You can play against AI opponents, but it is more entertaining when you play against your friends or challenge other users online. It is available for $8.99.

Mirror’s Edge

Impressive visuals, interesting characters, and great quality overall are what you can expect from this exciting game from Electronic Arts.

Swipe and slide to control the action as you become Faith Connors, the heroine whose mission is to stop the evil that threatens to destroy society.

You will have to face combatants and move fast through the obstacles using a split-screen interface.

You can play against your friends in two multiplayer modes. You can either win by being the fastest runner in Race Maps or defeat them with a strategy on a city hunt to unveil secrets in Rival Maps.

Mirrors Edge costs $9.99, which is considerably higher than other games available, but the remarkable design and powerful gaming experience justify the cost.

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