The Best MacBook Keyboard Cover

Clear Ice cover from KB CoversEven when you avoid eating or drinking anything while you are using your MacBook, your keyboard will accumulate dust and dirt over time. If you want to protect your keyboard from spillage and keep it clear from dust, the best option is to get a cover.

There are many covers specially designed to ensure that your keyboard is protected. However, after testing different covers, we confirmed that the best option available is the Clear Ice cover from KB Covers. It does a great job at keeping your keyboard clean and it doesn’t affect the keys responsiveness, thanks to its light material.

Why is a keyboard cover necessary?

If you are wondering if getting a keyboard cover is really necessary, just consider the fact that there is enough space between keys to catch crumbs or simply dust. Over time, the particles accumulated underneath may affect the performance of your keyboard.

Turning the laptop and shaking it to remove crumbs that are trapped between the keys, may solve the issue but in some cases, the problem may be serious enough to require professional attention. In order to keep the keyboard protected and ensure that you will not need to spend hundreds in reparation or even more, getting a new laptop, it is advisable to invest in a good keyboard cover.

Studies have shown that keyboard are a perfect ground for bacteria and it is difficult to carry out a meticulous cleaning between keys. Keyboard covers are easy to remove and to clean, which ensures that you are not exposed to bacteria whenever you are working on your computer.

Additionally, if you want to keep your laptop in top condition in case you decide to eventually sell it to get a new model, using a Keyboard cover is essential. We have focused in keyboard covers for MacBook because most quality accessories of this type are created for Apple’s laptops. There are a few products available for PC users but they do not offer the level of protection and convenience that you need for your keyboard.

Aspects to consider when getting a keyboard cover

It is important to ensure that the cover protects your keyboard without having a negative impact in its responsiveness and it also has to be resistant. Keep in mind that some thin covers allow you to type without issues but break easily.

As we previously mentioned, KB Covers are a great option because they are made out of a material that combines durability and lightness. Their covers are comfortable to use and at the same time, they are strong and long-lasting. In general, when choosing a cover, it is important to ensure that it has a minimal impact in your typing and even though the keyboard may feel different, you should be able to get used to it quickly.

While there are cheap options available, we recommend you to aim for a higher quality that will offer you durability, better responsiveness and comfort. That is why, KB Covers and particularly the Clear Ice Cover are the best option when it comes to keyboard covers for MacBook laptops.

KB Covers overview

You can trust KB Covers to keep your MacBook’s keyboard protected and even though the price for their covers is not the lowest in the market (KB Covers cost around $25), they are worth the investment. Their material (silicone) ensures that the typing surface has a good grip without sticking to your fingers. Even though any cover will change the way your keyboard feels, the models from KB Covers will allow you to keep on typing without getting an awkward sensation every time you hit a key.

Keep in mind that keyboard covers may also have an impact in the sound of your laptop’s speakers. However, this is not a major issue and in the end, it is still better to keep your keyboard protected. KB Covers offers many models available but the Clear Ice Cover stands out for it’s transparent design, which lets light from backlit keyboards come through. They have cover models that will suit every kind of user and that will allow you to enjoy working in your MacBook while maintaining the keyboard clean.


Using a keyboard cover is necessary to keep your laptop in top condition and to ensure that the keys’ responsiveness is not affected by crumbs or dust accumulated underneath. While you may find options that are cheaper than KB Covers, it is better that you spend a little more in a case that is actually going to protect your keyboard and that lasts for longer.

It is worth paying between $20 to $30 for a cover that is going to provide you a better touch, comfort and that will not interfere with your typing. Compared to other covers available in the market, KB Covers stand out for the quality of their material, the convenience and protection they offer. Unlike other covers, KB Covers like the Clear Ice model, won’t slide around the keyboard.

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