The Best LED TVs under $1000

Outstanding image at the most convenient price. That is what you can expect from the LED TVs that we present in this list and while you have to be prepared to pay at least $500 for top quality image, the devices we have included are the best in their range. Of course, there are cheaper options but if you opt for one of those, you can’t expect the same level of picture quality and instead of saving money, you would end up with an investment that you will regret. Still, we have set up a price limit to ensure that you can still find options that offer good value for money. There is no point in spending more than you have to, that is why we will focus on LED TVs under $1000. Here is our list of the best and most reasonably priced LED TVs currently available.

Samsumg UN50H6350
Samsung UN50H6350The Samsung UN50H6350 is not at the top end of the scale when it comes to price, but it certainly offers all the features that you can expect from a high quality LED TV. Apart from great picture quality with reduced motion blur, clear image and deep colours, the Samsung UN50H6350 also has a beautiful slim design. While the remote could be improved, the smart features work well and it is one of the best TVs that you can get for under $1000. The 50″ Samsung UN50H6350 is available for about $950 in most online retailers. If 3D is a must-have, you should consider upgrading to the Samsung UN48H6400, which also offers great picture quality. For just over $1000, the 50″ version of this TV is ideal for anyone who uses smart features on a regular basis.

Sony KDL50W800B
Sony KDL50W800BThe Samsung UN50H6350 offers good performance for video games, but if you are an avid gamer looking for an outstanding experience, the Sony KDL50W800B would be the best choice. This LED TV has a great picture quality and since it has an input lag of 24.3 ms vs 44.1 ms, it is ideal for playing your favourite games. Although it doesn’t offer a large selection of features and the interface is not as fast as it could be, its impulse mode works great at reducing perceived motion blur. The KDL50W800B is a must-have if you are mainly looking for a TV for gaming, otherwise the Samsung UN50H6350 is the way to go.

Vizio E600i-B3
Vizio E600i-B3While the Vizio E600i-B3 doesn’t have the advanced features that you find in the TV sets we previously mentioned, it still is a good option thanks to its image quality and Wi-Fi support. The Vizio has a simple, yet elegant design and it is one of the most conveniently priced LED TVs that you will find. For less than $550, you can get the 50″ model to enjoy content from services like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video and more, with top quality and vivid colour. Another model that is worth a look is the Vizio M552i-B2, which is available for just over $800. It offers more in terms of features, but the picture quality is not at the same level as the TV sets from the E Series.


Samsung UN55H6203
Samsung UN55H6203Picture quality is one of the strongest points for Samsung TVs and just like the UN50H6350, the UN55H6203 is a TV that provides a magnificent viewing experience. Although it may not be the most suitable option for playing games due to its lack of additional features and slower performance, the Samsung UN55H6203 provides a beautiful image, great sound and a simple design. Available for less than $700 (50″ model), this is a TV that will appeal many users thanks to its overall quality and good value.

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