Best iPhone 5/5S Car Holders

iPhone Car holders can be very useful as they allow you to keep your phone handy while you are behind the wheel. This will let you get directions or ask Siri for a restaurant and let you enjoy other features from your iPhone when you are in your car. If you used to have an iPhone 4/4S and upgraded to an iPhone 5 or 5S, most car mounts will suit your new device. However, in some cases, this accessory may have been designed to fit specifically an iPhone 5/5S. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good car mount and you will find that there are many options available online. These are some of the most reliable car mounts compatible with iPhone 5/5S that you can get and that will offer you flexibility and convenience.

Taotronics SH02

Taotronics This phone holder sticks to the windshield or other soft surfaces in your car, thanks to its extra large suction cup and offers complete 360 degree rotation and it’s easy to adjust, offering you the chance to set your phone at your convenience. It is easy to put your phone in place in the gripper, which holds the device firmly and then you can remove it by pressing a button to release it. The SH02 from Taotronics is usually priced between $20 and $24.99 but it is currently available for just $10.99, so you can get a bargain if you decide to go for it.

Aduro U-GRIP
Aduro U-GRIPAduro U-Grip is not designed specifically for iPhones as it is a universal car mount that suits many devices. However, it can be the perfect accessory for your iPhone 5/5S thanks to its simplicity and great grip. The power of suction ensures that the car mount stays attached to the dashboard of your car even in hot weather or other difficult conditions. Your iPhone will remain secure in its place with this great quality mount that is available for only $9.99.


iOttie Easy View
iottieThis car mount sticks to your dashboard or windshield thanks to a gel pad that ensures that it stays in place but that is also easy to remove. You can adjust this mount with just a quick turn and get 360 viewing angles. In terms of design, iOttie stands out thanks to its slim built and style, which makes it an ideal option for anyone that is looking for a car mount that is not only functional but that looks well. Currently you can get it for starting price of $13.99 (Amazon) up to $22.99.


Kensington Quick Release
Kensington Quick ReleaseThe design of this car mount is quite simple and smart and allows you to stick the holder to the windshield or use the vent mount. The suction cup is quite strong and its flexible arms allow you to insert and remove your iPhone easily. You can rotate the cradle and adjust the view in landscape and portrait modes. At $16.99, it is one of the most convenient options for iPhone 5/5S users that want a versatile car holder that works well.


iMagnet Cradle-less
iMagnet Cradle-lessOne of the things that most users complain about when it comes to car mounts is how difficult it can be in some cases to fit or remove your phone from the cradle where it is meant to sit. Most of the time this is something that can you can get used to after a while and you may end up mastering the task of placing your iPhone back into the cradle. However, iMagnet offers an alternative that you can also consider. You can mount and remove your phone fast and easy and even though your iPhone doesn’t rest in a cradle, it is kept in its place, thanks to the super strong magnet that holds it. You can get it for just $25.

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