Best iPad News Apps

The iPad is great for enjoying every detail of your favourite content. It is ideal for watching videos with amazing quality but it also allows you to read news and articles comfortably, thanks to its larger screen. Digital news offer more versatility than regular papers because they can include videos with interviews or footage of important events. That is why the most important news broadcasters and newspapers have apps available to allow users to stay updated with all the latest news from their mobile devices. These are the top news apps available for iPad.

It is not strange that CNN, one of the leading news channels in the world can also offer a great news app that will keep you informed of what is going on in the world. The news are constantly updated and you will get the latest stories instantly. You can watch live CNN TV coverage and access online articles, pictures and videos. There is in-depth information for the top stories in all categories and you can easily find the news that interest you the most. It is also possible to participate in online discussions about news stories and share them through your social media profiles. Get it for free from the App Store.

The NPR app offers a great selection of content that includes audio files, images and text presented neatly to ensure that you can easily access and enjoy their high quality articles. NPR is quite an enjoyable and rich news experience, with categories such as Arts & Life, News and Music. You can read interesting news stories and articles while you are streaming live radio stations. It is also possible to download articles and keep them to read later, even if you are offline. This award-winning app is available for free.

Reverb offers personalized news content that is specifically designed for the iPad. It comes with an extensive selection of categories so you will find information that really interests you. With Reverb, you can easily find news articles and explore content. The content is organized to suit your preferences and you get a quick overview of the most popular stories in your area and around the world. Reverb also gives you the possibility to save stories to read them later. It is available for free in the App Store.

This free app is a magazine that gives you the chance to discover interesting content. Zite will adapt to your interests and will learn to recognize what kind of articles will appeal to you. The more you use it, the better selection of content you will get as the app will pick up stories that actually interest you. Zite has an extensive catalogue of authors, newspapers, blogs and videos. There is a wide variety of categories and you are sure to find the latest news, as well as articles that present a deep analysis on different topics.

If you want to access videos from local and international news channels with the latest news and stories that truly interest you, Watchup is the best option. It offers you the possibility of getting alerts to access your personalized newscast at a set time, whenever it is more convenient for you. Video news also come with articles that present more detailed information, giving you a better context for each story. Watchup is another smart and free app that learns to curate the content to suit your interests.

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