Best iPad Apps for Catalogue Management

An image is worth a thousand words and to let customers know what your business has to offer, there is nothing as simple and effective as a good catalogue. To make sure that your products or services get the attention they deserve, you need to create a catalogue that promotes your brand. Catalogue management is an important part of any business and with the help of technology, it can be very simple. Nowadays, there are many apps designed to help you create and distribute your business catalogue and we have selected those who offer a great set of features that will allow you to make every part of the process very simple. Digital catalogues are convenient, more affordable and easier to distribute, which means that you can reach more customers. Here are the best catalogue apps for iPad.

Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App

Handshake Sales Rep OrderModernization is crucial to make a business successful and Handshake Corp aims to help you bring your business to the new era of technology. Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog is an app that lets you create professional catalogues to ensure that your sales team is prepared for getting your product out there. It allows your business to get on top of the competition, thanks to features that protect your data and allow synchronization with your team to transfer documents safely and within seconds. This app also helps you to take orders from your customers efficiently and the best part is that you can download it for free.


Cluetec GmbHCluetec GmbH offers a free app that supports all your catalogue management needs. It is an easy, convenient and affordable way to design, edit and publish your catalogue. The process is very simple and all you need to do is to get your content together including photos, text and videos and Catalogueapp will provide the structure. Once your catalogue is available, you can make changes or add content in only a few steps. With Catalogueapp, you can also create amazing presentations to showcase your products in different events. It comes with mobile survey features that allow you to get valuable feedback from your customers.


CREAM dealThe most important aspects of your sales such as pricing, orders, reports and of curse, catalogues are covered with CREAM, an app created by Alan-Systems. This app offers great possibilities to promote your products, organizing them by category and adding detailed descriptions, images and prices. You have the option of adding content using Dropbox and FTP for a faster and more effective solution to create your customized catalogues and presentations. It also allows you to manage orders and offers for your customers, as well as managing their information for a hassle-free selling experience. This app offers incredibly handy features and you can get it for free.

Showcase Sales

Showcase SalesA simple, yet powerful marketing tool that helps you make your brand recognized, this app by LogicSolutions lets you create and edit catalogues and other sales materials. You can manage information about your orders, customer base and everything related to the successful running of your business. With Showcase, you can enjoy a multimedia sales library that allows you to reach your customers more effectively. Showcase Sales is free and enables you to share safely sales material with your team and ensure that your sales strategy is up to date.


iCatalogiCatalog by is a complete solution for catalogue creation and distribution. It allows you to create innovative catalogues that suit your business and all your customers. It offers great editing options that will let you design a catalogue that matches your style and you can also adapt it to meet your customers expectations. iCatalog is very easy to use and apart from helping you to attract customers with a great catalogue, it also helps you to take orders and control stock sales, pricing and payment information. While at $8.99 this app may seem expensive, it is a worth investment for businesses that want a versatile and advanced tool that makes things simple.

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