Best Apps for Shopping for your iPhone & iPad

Nowadays, most items available in the market come with a barcode that will give you additional details that do not appear on the packaging. You can benefit from this feature thanks to barcode scanning apps. With the right app, your iPhone can turn into your perfect shopping companion and help you save money by getting the most convenient prices. Barcode scanning apps allow you to find more information on the products that you want and check prices in-store and online to get the best deal. This is a list of the best barcode scanning apps available for iOS.

ShopSavvy is easy to use and allows you to get the most convenient prices when you scan the barcode in a product’s packaging. Even if the item does not have a barcode, you can look for information by entering the name of the product or the category. ShopSavvy will look up the product in local shops and online retailers and will compare the prices for you. You can enjoy the lowest prices and the fastest scanning experience with this free app. It is the right option when you are looking for a simple and efficient app to find the items that you want for less.

Smoopa Shopping
With Smoopa’s app you can really improve your shopping experience. You can count on this app when you are in a shop and want to find out more details about an item. Simply scan the barcode that appears on the package, select the store where you are and enter the price of the item. Then let Smoopa compare the prices and look for further information online and in other shops close to where you are. This will save you time and ensure that you always get the best price when you shop. The price that you have entered will be included in Smoopa’s database to help other users. There are other benefits of using this app such as taking part on their rewards system. In order to use Smoopa, you need to create an account to find what you want for the most convenient price available but will also give you the chance of earning money while you shop. All you need to do is use the app and once you have accumulated $5 or more in rewards, you can get vouchers to shop on sites like Amazon and Best Buy or you can get the money sent to your PayPal account. Smoopa is free and you can download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Many shoppers are eager to be the first ones to get an item that was just released into the market, regardless of the price that they have to pay for it. Others are more patient and prefer to wait until the price comes down. ShopAdvisor will be a great addition for your iPhone if you are in the second group. This app will let you find out when an item that you want is available for a low price. Simply enter the name of item or scan it when you are in a store. If the price is not affordable enough yet, you can place the product in a watch list and arrange the settings to be notified when it becomes cheaper. You can also set a time alert and wait for enough time until the item is available for less. The “Advise Me” feature will let you access information about price modifications in the last six months and “View Deals” displays prices from online shops as well as local retailers. Get ShopAdvisor for free in the App Store.

eBay’s RedLaser is an easy to use shopping assistant, barcode scanner and QR Code Reader that allows you to look for items using your voice, scanning the barcode or entering a keyword to start a manual search. You will get fast and detailed results including price information from local shops, online stores and marketplaces as well as product reviews and recommendations. With RedLaser you can also get lower prices by checking the “Deals” option to get discount coupons.

The Find Classic
This free app from known comparing website, will offer you many options to get a good deal when you are shopping but what really makes this app stand out from other options is its appealing design. Search for any product you want and find it conveniently in a store near you or order it online for a lower price. The app is quick to scan items and display useful information. You can save money with coupon codes and reductions on shipping costs, as well as access to a wide variety of promotions and deals organized by stores and categories.

Price Check
Amazon’s Price Check will help you save time when you shop. Once you look for an item, you will get a list of availability and price comparison results almost instantly. You can search for an item using the barcode scanner or take a picture to find it. You can also say the name of the item out loud or type it and the app will give you the data you need quickly. If you find products cheaper in a local shop, you can share this feedback with Amazon and you can also buy through the app conveniently and securely

Barcode scanning becomes simpler when you use Pic2Shop, one of the first barcode scanning apps. Even though it is not as good as other apps when it comes to price comparison options, it still offers a reliable barcode scanner and does a good job at helping you to find the best options to buy the item that you are looking for. The app is speedy and available in multiple languages including German, Spanish, Russian and Danish.

Consumr Reviews
If you want an app that is more focused in providing you product reviews you need Consumr. While the price comparison feature is not the strongest point of this app, you can rely on it to offer you reviews from real customers. You can enter the name of the products, scan the barcode or browse by category. Items are organized according to their rate or category and you can also find popular products easily. If you are one of those shoppers that need to be reassured of the quality of a product and you prefer to know if it has really work for others before you give it a try, this app is for you.

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