Best Health and Fitness Devices for iDevices

Nowadays we are more aware than ever of the importance of health and fitness. Technology has contributed to improve our life and it has offered us simple ways to ensure that we stay in shape. There is a huge amount of apps designed to help us to stay healthy, covering anything from useful information to enjoy a balanced diet to complete exercise routines that we can follow anywhere we are, regardless of how busy our schedule may be.

It is interesting to note how Apple in particular, has paid a special interest to health and fitness. The company’s latest firmware counts with features like HealthKit, which aims to help developers and manufacturers to create products that work with Apple technology to offer users new options to mind their health. This will open a whole new world of possibilities that can have a very positive impact in our lifestyle.

The future of technology at the service of wellbeing looks promising, but we do not need to wait to benefit from convenient products that can enhance our exercise routine or help us to take care of our health. Here are some of the best fitness and health accessories that are compatible with iDevices.

Fitbit One by Fitbit
Fitbit One is a popular little device that combines multiple functions that ensure that you stay on top of your health. The Fitbit One allows you to keep track of calories consumed, distance and even steps walked or stairs climbed. It also provides data about the length and quality of your sleep, as well as offering a silent wake up alarm. It is a very complete option to ensure that you stay fit and feeling well. You can get this fitness and wellbeing companion for less than $92 USD.

Runtastic Receiver and Heart Rate Monitor by Runtastic
Runstatic offers a practical solution for active people that want to monitor their heart rate during workout. It comes with a soft elastic chest strap and provides complete heart rate data that is displayed through the Runtastic app. The receiver is connected to the iPhone but it also includes a jack to connect your headphones so that you can enjoy music while you exercise and keep track of your activity. With Runtastic you can easily train and monitor your heart rate. It is available for $59.99 USD.

Incase Sports Armband for iPhone
A simple, yet very useful accessory for any iPhone user that wants to get the most out of their exercise. An armband is a practical way of keeping your iPhone with you while you are enjoying your workout. Incase offers durability and comfort in an armband that is perfect for running or exercising in the gym. Thanks to the easy touch control, you can access the phone’s functions and control the screen without any issues. The price starts at $14.95 and goes up to $34.95 USD, depending on the iPhone model.

IBG Star Blood Glucose Monitoring System by Sanofi
The compact size of the iBG Star makes it a portable solution for monitoring blood glucose and it is also very easy to use. This practical glucometer works with iPhone (3G to 5S) and iPod Touch (2/3/4) and enables you to access previous data of your results to keep track of your blood glucose levels. The device is only $48 USD but keep in mind that you would also need to get the test strips, which could cost up to $148 for a pack of 100.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor by Withings
Withings offers the first blood pressure monitor that works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is not only very convenient and easy to use but in line with the quality of other Withings products, this blood pressure monitor is recognized thanks to the high level of accuracy of the information it provides. The device works in combination with an app that will display results on your iDevice and will offer recommended values. There is also a wireless version available. You can get it for $119 USD.

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